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Borrowing Privileges & Fines Marches On

The Borrowing Privileges and Fines Office is having a great year. We have had good success with the renewal policy changes for grads and undergrads that were initiated at the beginning of spring semester. Our patrons really appreciate the flexibility and complaints about renewal problems have gone down dramatically.

We have also been busy getting into compliance with credit card security rules. The Asset Management Office and the External Sales Office conducted a survey about credit card security compliance across campus. BPF has been busy revising procedures concerning filing of information and day-to-day operations. Matt attended a compliance workshop which was a great source of information and ideas for improving information security. On the public service side, Wilson BPF has been averaging nearly 1000 phone queries and service desk queries a month in 2005. Thanks to our great staff and thanks to all IADS staff who give outstanding BPF services at all of our libraries.

~ Submitted by Matt Bowers, June 2005

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