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Billing and Item Process Statuses

IADS staff has been working on a project to clean up item process status information and to simplify item process statuses. Searches have been completed or are underway in several libraries for items marked NR or LO. If the item is found, the record is updated. Once searches are completed, the NR and LO statuses will be eliminated. We will begin using MS for items that are missing and MF for items that are not found after one year. This change is intended to make holdings records more accurate in the OPAC and eliminate some confusion about which item process statuses should be used.

IADS will also use some features in Aleph to automatically bill a patron replacement charges for items that are more than thirty days overdue and automatically cancel replacement charges when items are returned. Fines offices will depend on daily reports to manage the return of these overdue items. This will eliminate the need to physically handle NR and LO items, cutting out some of the lag time between returning and reshelving.

~ Submitted by Matt Bowers, August 2005

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