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Borrowing Privileges: A Thumbnail Sketch

As with many departments in the Libraries, the primary aim of the Borrowing Privileges unit is to assist users in accessing the Libraries' collections.

To date there are over 72,000 active borrowing accounts, including 60,000 faculty, staff, and students. The remaining borrowers include: faculty and students from other educational institutions, corporate borrowers, Friends of the Library, Alumni, U of M academic departments, and Libraries and MINITEX processing units.

Besides working one on one with users to set up borrowing accounts and resolve problems the Borrowing Privileges unit collaborates with U of M programmers to ensure that the Libraries systems are in sync with the U of M Admissions systems. Borrowing services are transparent for our affiliated borrowers--they need only present a U-Card. Over 8,300 unaffiliated borrowers world-wide have applied for borrowing privileges since 1999, an average of 1400 applications per year. In the future the Borrowing Privileges unit wants to automate the application process, similar to that of purchasing membership to a museum online.

Staff at service desks may be asked about borrowing privileges. Borrowing Privileges staff are available Monday - Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, or at 624-3383 to answer questions or provide assistance. If BP staff is not available, a complete list of borrowing options and privileges for all user types is available on the Borrowing Options page.

~ Submitted by Matt Bowers, Head, Borrowing Privileges and Fines, December 2005

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