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Blogging: The Next Frontier

Are blogs are quickly taking over IADS, or is IADS quickly taking over blogging? Wilson Circulation recently launched Stardate 2006. As a tool to keep student employees up-to-date, Stardate is similar to the Bio-Med Access Services Blog and the Libraries Strength is in Reserve blog of Wilson Reserve & Periodicals. IADS bloggers are prolific, with Reserve & Periodicals staff alone authoring over 120 blog postings since their blog's inception in May 2006. Even more exciting, this blog has elicited nearly 500 online comments by student workers, truly meeting a unit goal of fostering communication between staff and students. "I wanted to create more ways for students to feel connected to one another and to the staff," says Emily Riha of Wilson Circulation as one reason she instituted a blog. From learning the meaning of orange stripes to the low-down on ILL processing times, students learn more through blogs that helps them serve users as effectively as possible. Students, especially visual learners, readily absorb information and provide detailed feedback in a blog's graphically-rich environment. Blogging is also an efficient use of prized staff time, with a 60-second blog post doing the job of 15 separate five-minute conversations with a unit's fleet of student workers.

IADS-related blogs are reaching not only workers but users as well, as the LexLibris Blawg created by Paula Seeger of Law Circulation demonstrates. This "bLAWg" keeps law students, faculty and staff abreast of recent developments in both legal research and library happenings.

Besides offering oodles of information, all of these IADS-related blogs contain a good dose of fun. Hilarities include the boy who ran like a deer, the birth of Quailman in the library, and a ode to Guy Fawkes night.

~ Submitted by Margaret Ostrander, Wilson Library Reserves & Periodicals
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