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Aleph Testing in Israel

For one week, last November, Chris Rose was in Israel to conduct quality control testing for Aleph version 19. Chris, the Ex Libris Users North America (ELUNA) chair, was selected by the ELUNA steering committee. They believed that the software developers would benefit from working with actual Aleph users. While there he mainly focused on course reserves, but was also able to do some circulation testing. Additionally, Chris taught the developers about North American reserve workflow.

Of course, Chris was not working every minute of the day while in Israel, he did do some sightseeing. Chris said his most interesting experience was floating in the warm Dead Sea, "while everyone in Minnesota was experiencing single digit weather." We're glad he was thinking of us.

Chris at ExLibris Israel Office
Chris at ExLibris' Israel Office - Feb 2008

Dead Sea 
Flora and fauna in Israel - Feb 2008

~Submitted by Emily Riha, Feb. 8, 2008

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