What materials are we required to bring?

You must have a sketchbook/notebook. What kind is entirely up to you. Size: It must be at least 5" x 8.25".

Students in the past have been very happy with the Moleskin line of sketchbooks and notebooks. The size is very nice and they are very durable. They come in different varieties.

The Moleskin "sketchbook" has heavy paper. The benefit is that when you scan your drawings, you will not get any "bleed through" from images on the reverse side of the page. The drawback is that there are fewer pages. This might be the best choice. http://www.moleskine.com/catalogue/classic/hard_black_cover/sketchbook__large.php

The Moleskin "notebook" comes in hard cover or soft cover. It has thinner inner pages. There will be "bleed through" if you scan your drawings or notes. But there are more pages. http://www.moleskine.com/catalogue/classic/hard_black_cover/plain_notebook__large.php

You can also get pages with lines or graph paper.

Finally, there is the Athens Moleskin notebook: http://www.moleskine.com/catalogue/city_notebook/europe/city_notebook_athina.php

There are lots of places in the Twin Cities to purchase these: http://www.moleskine.com/php/mt_templates/where_to_buy.php