Packing List for Men

The G/C 2010 Trekkers have put together a suggested packing list for men.

Note that some items are mandatory. These are marked with asterisks (*).

First tip: pack for one week and bring laundry detergent and some twine with you. Wash things in the sink and dry in your hotel room. Anything more will just weigh down your bag. Try to pack as light as possible. If you won't wear it more than 3 times, don't bring it. You will also have 1 or 2 opportunities to have some laundry done during the trip.

To see how students dress during the trip, check out this flickr collection:

*1-2 polo/golf shirts -- these are dressy enough for a nice dinner or meeting a visiting faculty member

*1-2 short sleeve cotton button down shirts -- it's too hot for long sleeves and ties, but it is important to dress nicely when we meet visiting faculty or guest lectureres

5 t-shirts (no logos, no jokes)

*1 pair of long pants - lightweight cotton -- it gets cool at night, and it's important to have pants to wear to monasteries and on the airplane.

1 bathing suit

3 pairs knee-length shorts -- you will wear these a lot.

1 light weight long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt -- it gets cool at night and its good to be able to layer

1 light weight fleece vest (great as pillow and for layering), jacket or cotton sweater-vest -- you'll need something to keep warm on the airplane and at night in the mountains

1 long-sleeve ex-officio sun-shirt from REI -- these absorb moisture and protect you from the sun. This is a luxury, not a necessity. Look for them on sale and in the outlet.

1 pair of pajamas

*1 pair of walking sandals or shoes (if chosen well they can be used as "nice" shoes and everyday shoes)

7 underwear -- light weight cotton boxers dry faster than briefs

1 hat

1 bandanna

*1 day bag/pack -- pick-pocket-proof (large enough for sketchbook, drawing tools, small sunblock, hand sanitizer, waterbottle, tissues)

1 razor and 1 replacement blade

Travel size shaving cream

*1 large bottle broad-spectrum UVA UVB sunblock -- see this article for information about SPF and sunblock.

*1 travel size, refillable bottle for sunblock -- it's important to reapply during the day

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Sunblock Stick -- this is a very useful product that is easy to use and helps encourage reapplication of sunblock

1 travel size shampoo (not all hotels give you shampoo)

1 travel size conditioner

1 body moisturizer

1 travel size face soap

1 nail file

1 brush

30 Q-Tips





Travel size talcum powder -- this is very nice to have with the hot temperatures in Greece & Cyprus

Medium size bottle hand sanitizer

1 travel size hand sanitizer

Eye glasses

Contact lenses

Travel-size saline

Contact lens case

*Sunglasses -- it's worth investing in good sunglasses!

8 aspirin (or whatever headache medicine you prefer)

8 exedrin (good for migraines & caffeine headaches)

8 acetaminophen (for fever and headache)

8 ibuprofen (good for aches and pains)

*Prescription medication


Allergy medication & a small tube Anti-itch cream -- many student get bug bites or other allergic reactions

*Band-aids -- for blisters and cuts

*Dr. Scholl's moleskin for blisters -- unfortunately, many students experience blisters from so much walking. Moleskin is an excellent produce to prevent blisters from forming.

Travel size aloe vera -- The sun is stronger in Greece & Cyprus than many students expect. If you get a burn, aloe vera is very soothing.

Cold medicine (tablet form)-- if you get sick, it's nice to have your favorite cold medicine at hand.

*Anti-diarrhea medication

Travel size package of tissues -- don't get caught in a public restroom without tissue. Bring only one package, because you'll be able to get more


MP3 player and headphones


Lots of memory for camera -- students use from 7GB to 24GB!

1 money belt or bag -- this will help keep your money and important documents safe and organized

FAA Luggage locks -- these can be opened by the baggage handlers with a universal key

Small roll of electrical or other tape tape -- this comes in surprisingly useful!

Sewing kit (thread, pins, needle, buttons)

Small bottle laundry detergent

8 feet of twine or cord -- for hanging laundry to dry

1 small scissors

5 shout wipes

10 OFF Deep Woods Towlettes

2 pairs of earplugs -- great for street noise that keeps you awake, a snoring roommate, and airplane pressure

1 travel towel -- dries very fast and is very useful for the beach

*1 large water bottle

22 energy bars

*1 watch

*1 alarm clock

Sleep mask (for airplane and busses)

1 book for leisure reading -- don't bring more than 1 leisure book because books weigh you down. You can get purchase English language books in Athens and all over Cyprus. or, you can trade with your classmates.

1 travel game

*5 quart size resealable plastic bags

*5 gallon size resealable plastic bags

1 dryer sheet (keeps luggage dry and smelling nice)

School Stuff

Photocopies of research materials -- better than bringing books

Watercolor kit

*Colored pencils

*Variety of pens and pencils


Paperwork & Documents


*International Student ID card

*Photocopy of passport, credit cards, prescriptions, and important addresses and phone numbers

*Bank card (4 digit PIN)

Credit card