Don't Bother! Things that will weigh you down

These are some things that G/C 2010 Trekkers wished they left at home:

Too much stuff -- bring 1 week of clothing and leave space for souvenirs and gifts; you have to carry your luggage A LOT! The less the better.

Too many bags -- bring 1 piece of luggage and one carry-on that will double as your day bag. For more information, see the entry on luggage.

More than 1 leisure book

Converter -- heavy and useless

More than 2 pairs of shoes

Nice Jewelry -- not a lot of opportunities to wear and one more thing to protect and worry about

Hair product -- if possible, leave this stuff at home. It takes up room and is not critical.

More than one long sleeve shirts -- too hot!

Umbrella -- it won't rain enough to make this useful. It's hot and you'll dry off quickly. And, it will be in the hotel when you need it!

More than 1 pair of long pants

Money pouch -- this is also on the Good Things list (different strokes for different folks)

Hair straightener -- it's too hot and we get up too early to make this worthwhile

Hair drier -- if you can live without it, leave it at home (the hotels will NOT have a hair drier)