Good things: Suggestions from G/C 2010

When packing for a study abroad field study, it's important to to select carefully and not overpack. The G/C Class of 2010 put together this list to help future G/C trekkers. These are items other than clothing that students found useful. Please stay tuned for an updated packing list based on student suggestions.

Hat -- the sun is strong. Bring a hat that you like and will protect you from the sun.

Outlet adapter -- The plugs are different in Greece & Cyprus, and you will need a different adapter for each country. (see this earlier blog for more information

I-pod Touch -- Some students really loved being able to stay in touch with friends and family. Almost every hotel has wireless, but not every hotel has computers. On the other hand, some students enjoyed being able to disconnect and really focus their energy on the experience; it is one of the only times that you have a good excuse to disconnect! This is a personal choice.

Clean&Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets -- one student wished she had these along. We prespire a lot and don't have a lot of opportunities to wash up during the day.

Watch with alarm or travel alarm -- you must have a watch and you must have an alarm clock. Combining the two is good! Each year students who rely on their cell phones regret the decision.

Markers, colored pencils, watercolor -- you'll be inspired to use these!

Outlet expander -- many hotel rooms have only one plug, but you and your roommate will want to charge your phone or camera.

Memory cards -- bring more memory for you camera than you think you'll need. Some students used as much as 24 GB of memory. Most average 8 GB.

Dr. Scholl's Moleskin -- This is wonderful for protecting against blisters.

Hand sanitizer -- this is readily available all over Greece & Cyprus. It's nice to be able to "wash" before eating.

Snacks that you like -- We do a lot of walking and it will be hot. Your metabolism will spike and you will get hungry. Every student should have at least one snack with them at all times. High energy, high protein snacks (like energy bars) are the best. You might consider bringing one granola bar for everyday on the trip. As you eat them, you'll have more room for souvenirs!

Band-aids -- these are a life saver. Of course, you can get bandages in Greece & Cyprus. But, it's better to have them when you need them.

Anti-itch cream -- lots of time outdoors leads to bug bits.

Allergy medication -- if you have any allergies, bring some allergy medication.

Travel money pouch -- many students really like to have a money pouch. You can wear them around your neck or around your waist. This is a very good way to keep track of you passports, student cards, tickets, and money. This year 2 debit cards were lost by students without money pouches...

Day bag -- bring a medium-sized bag to carry your sketchbook, snacks, water, pens/pencils, camera, hand sanitizer, and other necessities. If you bring a bag that is too big, you'll end up carrying everyone else's stuff.

Water bottle -- You will need to drink lots and lots and lots of water. This cannot be emphasized enough. Bring a good, reliable, big water bottle.

Little bottles of laundry detergent.

Microfiber Towel -- These are very light and dry easily. Hotels provide towels for showering, but not for the beach. This is a very important item.

Suitcase locks -- lock your suitcase with the FAA approved locks. They can be opened by baggage inspectors. Otherwise they will have to break your lock. You can use these to lock your belongings in the hotels, too. We have never had a theft from a hotel over the last 3 years, but it doesn't hurt.

Small scissors

Shout wipes or Tide pen

Electrical or masking tape -- surprisingly useful. (fixing broken sandals, repairing broken luggage, packaging breakable souvenirs, taping blister... the list is long).

Headache medicine -- bring the kind you like the best

1 leisure book (preferably related to Greece or Cyprus) -- Books weigh you down and there are English-language bookstores in Athens, Cyprus, and in the airports. Bring a paperback and leave it at the hotel for another guest when you are done.

Photocopies of your research materials -- plan ahead. Make copies of the materials you need for your research presentation. Once you're done, you can throw them away.

Tissues -- Don't get caught in a bathroom without tissue...

Deck of cards -- light and useful. You won't need a lot of time-fillers. Bus rides are often your chance to catch a nap.


Sun-block -- lots of it.