Purchasing your airline ticket

Each student must buy an airline ticket to Europe.

Arrival in Athens, Greece
You need to arrive in Athens (ATH) on May 23. Please arrive before 12 pm Athens time. You may arrive before the 23rd. However, you will need to make your own transfer arrangements and pay for the hotel stay.

Departure from Larnaca, Cyprus
Our last day of class is June 8. You may depart on the June 9 or stay later if you wish. The airport for Cyprus is in Larnaca (LCA).

When to buy
Often, you can get the best fares about 60 days before a trip; for us, that's around March 20th.

What to buy
You will need to purchase a ticket to Athens, Greece (ATH) and returning from Larnaca, Cyprus (LCA). Most students purchased a round-trip ticket to/from Athens and then purchased an additional one-way ticket from Larnaca to Athens.

If you decide to buy a round-trip ticket to/from Athens. You will need to buy a one-way ticket from Larnaca to Athens on the day of your departure. Aegean Airlines (aegeanair.com) and Cyprus Airlines (cyprusair.com) are reliable and professional. Avoid Olympic airlines.

When purchasing your ticket, pay attention to layover times. How much time do you have between flights? Less than 2 hours is risky, more than 4 more is a pain.

Travel Agent
I highly recommend calling the Learning Abroad Center (umabroad.umn.edu) before you purchase your tickets. They suggest using a travel agent; with an agent you have more personal assistance. More importantly, the agency will help you if any problems or changes occur (delays, cancellations,etc.). The LAC has recommendations of local agencies.