M-term 2011

The total cost of the M-term Field Study Trip to Greece and Cyprus varies between students on a modest, average, and above average budget. Tuition for the course is $3,500. Tuition covers a College of Design Program Fee, a Learning Abroad Center fee, Insurance Costs, Housing, some meals, fields trips, museum entrance and tours. Additional mandatory expenses should total approximately $1,700, which will cover airfare, International Student ID, Passport, and course materials. In addition to these costs, each student will need to budget between $350 to $900 for incidental expenses.

Depending each student's spending habits, the total cost (tuition + mandatory expenses + incidental) of the M-term Field Study Trip to Greece and Cyprus will vary between $5,550 to $6,900.

The $3,500 tuition fee is billed in 2 installments. Students are charged a non-refundable $800 deposit upon registering for the course (around March 1, 2011.) The balance ($2,700) is posted between March 1 and May 28th and is due in July 7.

For more information about billing and financial aid, please visit this site (http://onestop.umn.edu/finances/financial_aid/may_and_summer/index.html).