Course Highlights







Eastern Mediterranean with Destinations Highlighted
Image credit: Kimmy Tanaka





Views of ancient Athens: Andrew Tissue delivering a lecture a Philopopou Hill, the
Tower of the Winds, and John Kretchmer drawing the Parthenon



Some aspects of modern Athens: the metro, a view toward the Acropolis from the New Acropolis Museum, and the Olympic Complex by Santiago Calatrava



Lion's Gate, Mycenea & the Ancient Theater at Epidaraus



Greek Island of Hydra, Photo Credit: John Kretchmer



Street Use Study, Hydra: Claire Antelman, Jonathan Moore & Kimmy Tanaka



Construction Phase Exercise, Chrisopolitissa, Kato Paphos, Cyprus: Drawings by Kelly Hovde &Kirsten Erickson; Photograph of John Kretchmer, Andrew Tisue & Kyle Tornow



The painted churches of the Troodos (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Church of the Virgin, Troodos, Mountains Cyprus & Agios Nikolas tis Stegis: Drawings by Claire Antelman & Andrew Tisue



Satellite view of Nicosia, Cyprus, the UN buffer zone can be detected dividing the city
Survey of Buffer Zone, 1999-2006, Nicosia Master Plan
Views of the buffer zone, June/July 2009



Phaneromeni Library, Dragoman House, Ledra Sreet, Buyuk Khan, Selimiye Mosque (St. Sophia Church)  Nicosia, Cyprus



Sample of Sketch/Notebooks Jenn Corazzo & Kirsten Erickson Nicosia, Cyprus



Ledra Street South, Ledra Street North 
Photo Credit: Rachel Iannacone, Andrew Tisue, Kimmy Tanaka



Loukas Kalisperas (Professor, School of Architecture, Penn State & Director of Research, Cyprus Institute) , Minnesota students, & University of Cyprus, School of Architecture Student Day 1 of Charette



Ledra Street Charrette: Notebook of Jonathan Moore



Jonathan Moore, Jenn Corazzo, Kimmy Tanaka, Kirsten Erickson & Lan Phan
Ledra Street Charrette Jenn Corazzo, Kirsten Erickson & Lan Phan



Field trip in the Troodos Mountains