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NYTimes: In a Divided Land, Lessons in Living Together

The International Summer School for Religion and Public Life gathered 29 devout Jews, Muslims, Christians and radical secularists from 15 countries in Nicosia to expose them to one another's viewpoints

Cyprus Mail: Cyprus at the Smithsonian Museum

Starting next month, the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. will be hosting an exhibition titled "Cyprus: Crossroads of Civilization" to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Cypriot Republic. The exhibition features 126 archeological artifacts that exemplify Cypriot history.

Chicago Tribune: "Our trip was unaffected by strikes"

In a recent article about his recent holiday in Athens and Mykonos, Scott L. Powers explains that recent political turmoil has little affect on tourists & travelers. 

NY Times: Turkey & the Euro

Turkey, Turning to the East, Asserts New Economic Power
Turkey is closer to fulfilling the criteria for adopting the euro than most of the troubled economies already in the euro zone.

Cypriots Speculate Over Spy's Escape
As police continued to search for an alleged Russian spy master who jumped bail here on Wednesday, Cypriots were dwelling on what the blunder says about their local institutions and the peculiar sway Russia holds on the island.

NY Times: New Turkish Cypriot Leaders Says Talks to Resume



The newly elected leader, Dervis Eroglu, sought to quell fears that he would block United Nations negotiations to resolve the island's status.

BBC News - Cyprus peace talks: UN chief urges courage

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The UN secretary-general says he is encouraged by efforts to find a permanent solution to the division of Cyprus.

NY Times: Is Greece's Debt Trashing the Euro?

Published: February 7, 2010
Greece's problems, and those looming over its neighbors, have laid bare the dangers of divergent fiscal and political policies in the euro zone.

February 1, 2010

When churches fall completely out of use
hat shall we turn them into?
Philip Larkin, 'Church Going'

Soon after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, the roof of St. Andronikos church in Kythrea caved in and fell into its sanctuary...

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Cyprus leaders start fresh talks

Talks on reunifying the divided island of Cyprus intensify, with the leaders of the Greek and Turkish communities starting new negotiations.