May-Term 2011
May 23 - June 10, 2011
Cyprus & Greece
Professors: Rachel Iannacone & Nikolas Bakirtzis
ARCH 4410/5410
Department of Architecture
College of Design
University of Minnesota

1. Examination of ancient, medieval, and modern architecture within a historical and social context.
2. Exploration of public life of Athens and Nicosia's streets and plazas.
3. Introduction to local village life and related built space.
4. Introduction to the landscape and topography of Greece and Cyprus and their relationship to architecture and culture.

Eligibility, Application & Credits:
3 credits Pre- or Post-Modern History Elective
The Athens & Nicosia M-Term is open to undergraduate students who have taken either 3411 or 3412 and graduate students. A short application must be submitted by December 1, 2009.


1. Presentation 30%
Prepare introductory research on a particular building, public space, or monument related to the sites we will visit. Students must submit a preliminary topic to Professors Iannacone & Bakirtzis before departure. After the topic has been approved, students should collect research materials to read and study while in Europe. Each student must prepare a bibliography to submit at the time of their presentation.
Grading Criteria:Content/Evidence (40%), Analysis (40%), Organization (10%), Mechanics (10%)

2. Thought Machine 30%
This assignment is designed to help students think critically about the history, art, architecture, and the urban fabric of Athens and Nicosia. To this end, students will respond to three different types of assignments over the course of the term.
a. Write and sketch responses to questions posed by the professors and guest speakers. Use this opportunity to think critically about particular urban, historical, and social issues. You may be asked to resolve questions and problems related to the development of the built environment or analyze the ways certain conditions (i.e. sun, crowding, street widths, building heights, congestion, noise, air quality) influence our perception of architecture and the built environment. You will also be asked to tease out the building history of a particular monument or space as well as to think about buildings in relation to other buildings and within the larger context of the city.
b. Explore ideas of your own choice through sketching or writing.
Grading Criteria:Content/Evidence (30%), Analysis (50%), Mechanics 20%

3. Design Charette 30%
In Nicosia, students will work in design groups with design students from the University of Nicosia, the University of Cyprus and Frederick University. As a group, students will respond to a design problem in Nicosia related to the UN buffer zone.

Grading Criteria: Research (30%), Creativity/Analysis (40%), Organization (15%), Mechanics (15%)

4. Participation & Professionalism10%