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Your participation is one way show your child that you value their school experience and it adds richness and meaning to their activities. For those of you who have schedules that make coming into school difficult, there are other ways to participate that are conducive to creating a home-school connection. For example, there will be "homework" assignments or suggestions for connecting the school experience with what happens at home.

Some examples of ways to participate in the classroom are: facilitate special activities, share a special talent or interest, chaperone field trips, come in and prepare a snack with the children, read stories, help dress for outdoor play (snowpants/boots season), help wash snack dishes, and take laundry home to wash and dry. With respect to other involvement, I will send requests in my weekly email. I am also very open to you and hope that you come to me if you have expertise or an interest in helping facilitate activities that relate to our topics of study as outlined in the weekly plans. I would like to work together with you to find a way for you to participate in a way that is meaningful to you, your child, and the class as a whole.



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