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Spring Session Documentation-Week 9 (May 21-25)

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Monday, May 21

Large Group
da-lg 5.21.12.jpg

Thursday, May 24

da-cook 5.24.12.jpg

Spring Session Documentation-Week 8 (May 14-18)

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Monday, May 14

Large Group
da-lg 5.14.12-1.jpg
da-lg 5.14.12-2.jpg

da-lm week 8-1.jpg
da-lm week 8-2.jpg
da-lm week 8-3.jpg
da-lm week 8-4.jpg

Wednesday, May 16
Large Group da-lg 5.16.12-1.jpg da-lg 5.16.12-2.jpg

Art- Week 8
da-art week 8-1.jpg
da-art week 8-2.jpg
da-art week 8-3.jpg
da-art week 8-4.jpg
da-art week 8-5.jpg
da-art week 8-6.jpg

Field Trip to the Student Organic Farm, Cornercopia in the St. Paul Campus
da-field 5.18.12-1.jpg da-field 5.18.12-2.jpg da-field 5.18.12-3.jpg da-field 5.18.12-4.jpg da-field 5.18.12-5.jpg da-field 5.18.12-6.jpg

Spring Session Documentation-Week 7 (May 7-11)

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Monday, May 7
Large Group da-lg 5.7.12.jpg
Wednesday, May 9
Large Group da-lg 5.9.12-1.jpg da-lg 5.9.12-2.jpg da-lg 5.9.12-3.jpg

Dramatic Play
da-dr 5.8.12-1.jpg
da-dr 5.8.12-2.jpg

da-art 5.9.12-1.jpg
da-art 5.9.12-2.jpg
da-art 5.9.12-3.jpg

Thursday, May 10
Large Group da-lg 5.10.12.jpg

da-math 5.9.12.jpg

Science- Week 7
da-sc week 7-1.jpg
da-sc week 7-2.jpg

Science-Week 6
da-sc week 6-1.jpg
da-sc week 6-2.jpg
da-sc week 6-3.jpg

Thursday, May 3
Large Group da-lg 5.3.12.jpg

da-sc 5.3.12-1.jpg
da-sc 5.3.12-2.jpg

Wednesday, May 2
Large Group da-lg 5.2.12.jpg
Monday, April 30
Large Group da-lg 4.30.12-1.jpg da-lg 4.30.12-2.jpg da-lg 4.30.12-3.jpg

da-sc 4.30.12 eli.jpg

da-sc 4.30.12 bodies-1.jpg
da-sc 4.30.12 bodies-2.jpg

Spring Session Documentation-Week 5 (April 23-27)

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Thursday, April 26
Large Group da-lg 4.26.12.jpg

Large Motor
da-lm week 5-1.jpg
da-lm week 5-2.jpg
da-lm week 5-3.jpg

Wednesday, April 25
Large Group da-lg 4.25.12-1.jpg da-lg 4.25.12-2.jpg
Monday, April 23
Large Group da-lg 4.23.12.jpg

da-sc 4.23.12-1.jpg
da-sc 4.23.12-2.jpg

da-art 4.23.12.jpg

Spring Session Documentation-Week 4 (April 16-20)

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Thursday, April 19
Large Group da-lg 4.19.12.jpg

Cooking with Sharon
da-cook 4.19.12.jpg

Paramedics' Visit
da-sc 4.19.12-1.jpg
da-sc 4.19.12-2.jpg
da-sc 4.19.12-3.jpg

Wednesday, April 18
Large Group da-lg 4.18.12-1.jpg da-lg 4.18.12-2.jpg

da-sc 4.18.12.jpg

Language and Literacy
da-lang 4.18.12.jpg

Monday, April 16
Large Group da-lg 4.16.12.jpg

da-sc 4.16.12-1 planting.jpg
da-sc 4.16.12-2 planting.jpg

Language and Literacy
da-lang 4.16.12-1.jpg
da-lang 4.16.12-2.jpg

Walk-Looking for Seeds
da-sc 4.16.12-1.jpg
da-sc 4.16.12-2.jpg

Spring Session Documentation-Week 3 (April 9-13)

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Thursday, April 12
Large Group da-lg 4.12.12-1.jpg da-lg 4.12.12-2.jpg

Baking on Thursdays
da-cook 2 4.12.12.jpg

Wednesday, April 11
Large Group da-lg 4.11.12.jpg

Focused Groups
Science with Sharon
da-sc 4.11.12.jpg
Cooking with Katie
da-cook 4.12.12-1.jpg
da-cook 4.12.12-2.jpg

Language and Literacy with Dalia
da-lang 4.11.12-1.jpg
da-lang 4.11.12-2.jpg

Monday, April 9
Large Group da-lg 4.9.12-1.jpg da-lg 4.9.12-2.jpg da-lg 4.9.12-3.jpg da-lg 4.9.12-4.jpg da-lg 4.9.12-5.jpg

Language and Literacy
da-lang 4.9.12-1.jpg
da-lang 4.9.12-2.jpg

Spring Session Documentation-Week 2 (April 2-6)

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Thursday, April 5
Large Group da-lg 4.5.12-1.jpg da-lg 4.5.12-2.jpg

da-cook 4.5.12-1.jpg
da-cook 4.5.12-2.jpg

Focused Groups
Science with Sharon- Wednesday and Thursday
da-sc 4.5.12.jpg

Dramatic Play with Katie
da-dr 4.5.12-1.jpg
da-dr 4.5.12-2.jpg

Wednesday, April 4
Large Group da-lg 4.4.12-1.jpg da-lg 4.4.12-2.jpg

da-sc 4.4.12.jpg

Focused Groups
Dramatic Play with Katie
da-dr 4.4.12.jpg

Language and Literacy with Marie
for Wednesday and Thursday of this week
da-lang 4.4.12-1.jpg
da-lang 4.4.12-2.jpg
da-lang 4.4.12-3.jpg

Art/Science with Dalia
da-art 4.4.12-1.jpg
da-art 4.4.12-2.jpg
da-art 4.4.12-3.jpg

Monday, April 2
Large Group da-lg 4.2.12-1.jpg da-lg 4.2.12-2.jpg

da-sc 4.2.12-1.jpg
da-sc 4.2.12-2.jpg
da-sc 4.2.12-3.jpg

Spring Session Documentation-Week 1 (March 26-30)

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Thursday, March 29
Large Group da-lg 3.29.12.jpg

Baking on Thursdays
da-cook 3.29.12.jpg

Focused Groups

Dramatic Play with Sharon-Wednesday and Thursday
da-dr 3.29-29.12-1.jpg
da-dr 3.28-29.12-2.jpg

Manipulatives with Katie
da-manip 3.29.12.jpg

Math with Marie
da-math 3.29.12.jpg

Science with Dalia
da-sc 3.29.12-1.jpg
da-sc 3.29.12-2.jpg
da-sc 3.29.12-3.jpg

Wednesday, March 28
Large Group da-lg 3.28.12-1.jpg da-lg 3.28.12-2.jpg da-lg 3.28.12-3.jpg

Focused Groups
Manipulatives-Creative Building with Katie
da-manip 3.28.12.jpg
Math with Marie
da-math 3.28.12-1.jpg
da-math 3.28.12-2.jpg
Science with Dalia
da-sc 3.28.12-1.jpg
da-sc 3.28.12-2.jpg

Monday, March 26

Large Group
da-lg 3.26.12-1.jpg
da-lg 3.26.12-2.jpg

da-art 3.29.12-1.jpg
da-art 3.29.12-2.jpg

da-sc 3.26.12.jpg

Winter Session Documentation-Week 10 (March 5-9)

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Thursday, March 8
Walk da-field 3.8.12-1.jpg da-field 3.8.12-2.jpg da-field 3.8.12-3.jpg
Wednesday, March 7
Large Group da-lg 3.7.12.jpg
Monday, March 5
Large Group da-lg 3.5.12-1.jpg da-lg 3.5.12-2.jpg

Creative Movement
da-creat mov 3.5.12-1.jpg
da-creat mov 3.5.12-2.jpg

Please click bellow for two short videos/Creative Movement
From Thursday (last week)
creative movement thursday-Medium.m4v
From today-Monday
creative movement monday-Medium.m4v

Winter Session Documentation-Week 9 (February 27-March 2)

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Thursday, March 1
Large Group da-lg 3.1.12.jpg

Focused Groups
da-cook 3.1.12.jpg

da-math 3.1.12-1.jpg
da-math 3.1.12-2.jpg
da-math 3.1.12-3.jpg

da-art 3.1.12-1.jpg
da-art 3.1.12-2.jpg

Finishing making our nest
da-art-sc 3.1.12-1.jpg
da-art-sc 3.1.12-2.jpg

Wednesday, February 29
Large Group da-lg 2.29.12-1.jpg da-lg 2.29.12-2.jpg

da-wood 2.29.12-1.jpg
da-wood 2.29.12-2.jpg

da-art 2.29.12.jpg

Monday, February 27

Field Trip to the Post-Office in Dinkytown
da-field 2.27.12-1.jpg
da-field 2.27.12-2.jpg
da-field 2.27.12-3.jpg
da-field 2.27.12-4.jpg
da-field 2.27.12-5.jpg
da-field 2.27.12-6.jpg

da-math 2.27.12-1.jpg
da-math 2.27.12-2.jpg

Large Motor
da-lmo 2.27.12-1.jpg
da-lmo 2.27.12-2.jpg

Winter Session Documentation-Week 8 (February 20-24)

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Special Interest!
da-joke 2.22.12.jpg
Wednesday and Thursday, February 22-23
Art/Science-Building a Nest da-art-sc 2.22-23.12-1.jpg da-art-sc 2.22-23.12-2.jpg da-art-sc 2.22-23.12-3.jpg da-art-sc 2.22-23.12-4.jpg da-art-sc 2.22-23.12-5.jpg

da-art 2.22.12.jpg

Wednesday, February 22
Large Group and Focused Work da-lg 2.22.12-1.jpg da-lg 2.22.12-2.jpg da-lg 2.22.12-3.jpg

We will share our "Special Birds" soon... stay tuned!
Dramatic Play
da-dr 2.20.12.jpg

please click for a short clip
Birds 1-Large.m4v

Monday, February 20

Large Group and Focused Work
da-lg 2.20.12-1.jpg
da-lg 2.20.12-2.jpg
da-lg 2.20.12-3.jpg
da-lg 2.20.12-4.jpg

Winter Session Documentation-Week 7 (February 13-17 )

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Wednesday February 15 and Thursday February 16
Math and Manipulatives da-mathandman 2.15-16.12.jpg da-mathandman 2.15-16.12-2.jpg

Woodworking with Barb
da-wood 2.15.12.jpg
da-wood 2.16.12.jpg

Monday, February 13
Large Group da-lg 2.13.12.jpg

Winter Session Documentation-Week 6 (February 6-10 )

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Wednesday and Thursday, February 8-9
Large Group da-lg 2.9.12-1.jpg da-lg 2.9.12-2.jpg

Art/Dramatic Play
da-art 2.8:9-12-1.jpg
da- art 2.8:9.12-2.jpg
da-art 2.8:9.12-3.jpg
da-art 2.8:9.12-4.jpg

Writing Area
da-wr 2.9.12.jpg

Monday, February 6
Large Group da-lg-2.6.12-1.jpg da-lg 2.6.12-2.jpg

da-art 2.8.12-1.jpg
da-art 2.8.12-2.jpg

Thursday, February 2
Large Group da-lg 2.2.12-1.jpg da-lg 2.2.12-2.jpg da-lg 2.2.12-3.jpg
Focused Small Groups
Science-Marie (Wednesday and Thursday) da-sc 2.1.12-1.jpg da-sc 2.1.12-2.jpg da-sc 2.1.12-3.jpg da-sc 2.1.12-4.jpg da-sc 2.1.12-5.jpg

Symbolic Play-Legos-Kate
da-symb 2.3.12.jpg

da-bl 2.2.12-1.jpg
da-bl 2.2.12-2.jpg
da-bl 2.2.12-3.jpg
da-bl 2.2.12-4.jpg
da-bl 2.2.12-5.jpg

Wednesday, February 1
Large Group da-lg 2.1.12.jpg Please click bellow for three short video clips from our large group today:

lg 2.1.12-1-Medium.m4v

lg 2.1.12-1 a-Medium.m4v

lg 2.1.12-2-Medium.m4v

Focused Small Groups
da-bl 2.1.12.jpg

da-art 2.1.12-1.jpg
da-art 2.1.12-2.jpg
da-art 2.1.12-3.jpg

Monday, January 30
da-lg 1.30.12-1.jpg da-lg 1.30.12-2.jpg

Winter Session Documentation-Week 4 (January 23-27)

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Thursday, January 26
Large Group da-lg 1.26.12-1.jpg da-lg 1.26.12-2.jpg

Focused Small Groups- Birds' Beaks
da-sc 1.26.12-1.jpg
da-sc 1.26.12-2.jpg
da-sc 1.26.12-3.jpg

Math and Manipulatives
da-mandmath 1.26.12.jpg

Dramatic Play
da-dr 1.26.12-1.jpg
da-dr 1.26.12-2.jpg
da-dr 1.26.12-3.jpg

click bellow for a super short video clip of the block-nests
Birds' Nests-Large.m4v

Wednesday, January 25- Field Trip to the Raptor Center in the St. Paul Campus
da-field 1.25.12-1.jpg da-field 1.25.12-2.jpg da-field 1.25.12-3.jpg da-field 1.25.12-4.jpg da-field 1.25.12-5.jpg da-field 1.25.12-6.jpg da-field 1.25.12-7.jpg
Monday, January 23
Large Group da-lg 1.23.12-1.jpg da-lg 1.23.12-2.jpg

da-sc 1.23.12.jpg

da-art 1.23.12.jpg

Winter Session Documentation-Week 3 (January 18-19)

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Thursday, January 19
Large Group da-lg 1.19.12-1.jpg da-lg 1.19.12-2.jpg

Focused Groups-Representing what we know about Birds' Nests
da-art 1.19.12-1.jpg
da-art 1.19.12-2.jpg
da-art 1.19.12-3.jpg
da-art 1.19.12-4.jpg
da-art 1.19.12-5.jpg

Baking on Thursdays
da-cook 1.19.12.jpg

Wednesday, January 18- Field Trip to the Bell Museum
da-field 1.18.12-1.jpg da-field 1.18.12-2.jpg da-field 1.18.12-3.jpg da-field 1.18.12-4.jpg da-field 1.18.12-5.jpg da-field 1.18.12-6.jpg da-field 1.18.12-7.jpg da-field 1.18.12-8.jpg da-field 1.18.12-9.jpg da-field 1.18.12-10.jpg

Winter Session Documentation-Week 2 (January 9-12)

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Thursday, January 12
Science da-sc 1.12.12-1.jpg da-sc 1.12.12-2.jpg

Large Group
da-lg 1.12.12-1.jpg
da-lg 1.12.12-2.jpg

Focused Groups

da-sen 1.12.12.jpg

da-sc 1.12.12-1 marie.jpg
da-sc 1.12.12-2 marie.jpg

da-bl 1.12.12-1.jpg
da-bl 1.12.12-2.jpg
da-bl 1.12.12-3.jpg
da-bl 1.12.12-4.jpg
da-bl 1.12.12-5.jpg
da-bl 1.12.12-6.jpg

Wednesday, January 11
Large Group da-lg 1.11.12-1.jpg da-lg 1.11.12-2.jpg da-lg 1.11.12-3.jpg da-lg 1.11.12-4.jpg da-lg 1.11.12-5.jpg da-lg 1.11.12 part two.jpg
Monday, January 9
Large Group da-lg 1.9.12.jpg

Sensory/Symbolic Play
da-sen 1.9.12.jpg

Winter Session Documentation-Week 1 (January 4-5)

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Thursday, January 5
Large Group da-lg 1.5.12.jpg

da-lm 1.5.12.jpg

Math and Manipulatives
da-mandman 1.5.12.jpg

da-sc 1.5.12.jpg

Wednesday, January 4
Large Group da-lg 1.4.12-1.jpg da-lg 1.4.12-2.jpg

Math and Manipulatives
da-mandmanip 1.4.12.jpg

Symbolic Play
da-symb 1.4.12.jpg

Thursday, December 1

Large Group
da-lg 12.1.11.jpg

da-cook 12.1.11 kay.jpg

da-lang and lit science 12.1.11.jpg

da-art 11.28-1.12-1.jpg
da-art 11.28-12.1-2.jpg

Large Motor (snips from all three days!)
da-lm 11.30.11-1.jpg
da-lm 11.30.11-2.jpg
da-lm 11.30.11-3.jpg
da-lm 11.30.11-4.jpg

Wednesday, November 30

Large Group
da-lg 11.30.11.jpg

Symbolic Play
da-symbol 11.30.11.jpg

da-symbol 11.31.11-1.jpg

da-art 11.30.11-1.jpg
da-art 11.30.11-2.jpg

Monday, November 28th

Large Group
da-lg 11.28.11.jpg

da 11.28.11-1.jpg
da 11.28.11-2.jpg
da 11.28.11-3.jpg
da 11.28.11-4.jpg

Fall Session Documentation-Week 10 (November 21-25)

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Monday, November 21st

Large Group
da-lg 11.21.11.jpg

Playing Together
da-lm 11.21.11.jpg

Symbolic Play
da-symb 11.21.11-1.jpg
da-symb 11.21.11-2.jpg

Fall Session Documentation-Week 9 (November 14-18)

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Thursday, November 17th

Large Group
da-lg 11.17.11-1.jpg
da-sc 11.17.11-2.jpg

da-cook 11.17.11.jpg

da-sc 11.17.11 weights-1.jpg
da-sc 11.17.11 weights-2.jpg

da-art 11.17.11.jpg

Wednesday, November 17th

Large Group
da-lg 11.16.11.jpg

da-sc 11.16.11.jpg

Monday, November 14th

Large Group
da-lg 11.14.11-1.jpg
da-lg 11.14.11-2.jpg

Fall Session- Documentation- Week 8 (November 7-11)

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Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Large Group
da-lg 11.10.11-1.jpg
da-lg 11.10.11-2.jpg

da-cook 11.10.11.jpg

da-connec week 8-1.jpg
da-connec week 8-2.jpg
da-connec week 8-3.jpg
da-connec week 8-4.jpg
da-connec week 8-5.jpg
da-connec week 8-6.jpg

Math and Manipulatives
da- matha 11.910.11-1.jpg
da- matha 11.910.11-2.jpg
da- matha 11.910.11-3.jpg

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Large Group
da-lg 11.9.11-1.jpg
da-lg 11.9.11-2.jpg

Symbolic Play
da-symbol 11.9.11-1.jpg
da-symbol 11.9.11-2.jpg

Language and Literacy
da-lang and lit 11.9.11.jpg

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Large Group
da-lg 11.7.11-1.jpg
da-lg 11.7.11-2.jpg

da-art 11.7.11-1.jpg
da-art 11.7.11-2.jpg
da-art 11.7.11-3.jpg

Large Motor
da- larg mot 11.7.11-1.jpg
da- larg mot 11.7.11-2.jpg
da- larg mot 11.7.11-3.jpg
da- larg mot 11.7.11-4.jpg

Fall Session- Documentation- Week 7 (Oct 31-November 4)

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Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Large Group
da-lg 11.3.11.jpg

da-sc 11.3.11.jpg

da-cook 11.3.11.jpg

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Large Group
da-lg 11.2.11.jpg

da-sc 11.2.11-1.jpg
da-sc 11.2.11-2.jpg

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Large Motor
da-lg 10.31.11.jpg

da-sc 10.31.11-1.jpg
da-sc 10.31.11-2.jpg
da-sc 10.31.11-3.jpg

Fall Session- Documentation- Week 6 (Oct 24-28)

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Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Large Group
da-lg 10.27.11.jpg

da-wr 10.27.11-1.jpg
da-wr 10.27.11-2.jpg

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Large Group
da-lg 10.26.11.jpg

da-sc 10.27.11-1.jpg
da-sc 10.27.11-2.jpg

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Large Group
da-lg 10.24.11.jpg

da-lg gym 10.24.11.jpg

Fall Session- Documentation- Week 5 (Oct 17-19)

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Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

da-cook 10.19.11.jpg

Large Group
da-lg 10.19.11-1.jpg
da-lg 10.19.11-2.jpg
da-lg 10.19.11-3.jpg

da-blocks 10.19.11.jpg

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Large Group
da-lg 10.17.11-1.jpg
da-lg 10.17.11-2.jpg

da-art 10.17.11.jpg

Adding to our personal books
da-art 10.17.11 books.jpg

da-sc 10.17.11-1.jpg
da-sc 10.17.11-2.jpg

Math and Manipulatives
da- mathandmanip 10.17.11.jpg

Fall Session- Documentation- Week 4 (Oct 10-14)

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Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Large Group
da-lg 10.13.11.jpg

Getting our apples ready for cooking
da-cook 10.13.11-1.jpg
da-cook 10.13.11-2.jpg
da-cook 10.13.11-3.jpg
da-cook 10.13.11-4.jpg

da-cook 10.13.11 kate.jpg

Math and Manipulatives
da-mathandmanip 10.13.11.jpg

Symbolic Play
da-symb 10.13.11-1.jpg
da-symb 10.13.11-2.jpg

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011- Field Trip to the Apple Orchard
da-orch 10.12.11-1.jpg da-orch 10.12.11-2.jpg da-orch 10.12.11-3.jpg da-orch 10.12.11-4.jpg da-orch 10.12.11-5.jpg da-orch 10.12.11-6.jpg
Monday, October 10th, 2011

Large Group
da-lg 10.10.11-1.jpg
da-lg 10.10.11-2jpg.jpg

da-lm 10.10.11-1.jpg
da-lm 10.10.11-2.jpg

da-blocks 10.10.11.jpg

da-art 10.10.11.jpg

da-sc 10.10.11-1.jpg
da-sc 10.10.11-2.jpg

Fall Session- Documentation- Week 3 (Oct 3-7)

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Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Dramatic Play
da-dr 10.6.11.jpg

da-crab 10.6.11-1.jpg
da-crab 10.6.11-2.jpg
da-crab 10.6.11-3.jpg

Large Group
da-lg 10.6.11.jpg

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

da-sen 10.5.11-1.jpg
da-sen 10.5.11-2.jpg

da-art 10.5.11.jpg

da-sc 10.5.11 leaves.jpg

da-sc 10.5.11-1.jpg
da-sc 10.5.11-2.jpg

da-field 10.5.11-1.jpg
da-field 10.5.11-2.jpg
da-field 10.5.11-3.jpg

Large Group
da-lg 10.5.11.jpg

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Math and Manipulatives
da-math and man 3.10.11.jpg

Dramatic Play
da-dr 10.3.11-1.jpg
da-dr 10.3.11-2.jpg

da-art 10.3.11-1.jpg
da-art 10.3.11-2.jpg

Large Group
da-lg 10.3.11-1.jpg
da-lg 10.3.11-2.jpg

Fall Session- Documentation- Week 2 (Sep 26-30)

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Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Sensory Table
da-sen 9.29.11.jpg

Cooking/Baking Day
da-cook 9.29.11-1.jpg
da-cook 9.29.11-2.jpg
da-cook 9.29.11-3.jpg
da-cook 9.29.11-4.jpg

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Dramatic Play
da-dr 9.28.11-1.jpg
da-dr 9.28.11-2.jpg

da-sen 9.26.11.jpg

Walk to notice the trees around our school
da-field 9.28.11-1.jpg
da-field 9.28.11-2.jpg
da-field 9.28.11-3.jpg
da-field 9.298.11-4.jpg
da-field 9.28.11-5.jpg
da-field 9.28.11-6.jpg
da-field 9.28.11-7.jpg

Large Group
da-lg 9.28.11.jpg

Monday, September 26th, 2011

da-playground 9.26.11.jpg

da-larg mot play 9.26.11-1.jpg
da-larg mot play 9.26.11-2.jpg

da-larg mot 9.26.11.jpg

da-sc 9.26.11-1.jpg
da-sc 9.26.11-2.jpg

Large Group
da-lg 9.26.11.jpg

Fall Session- Documentation First Days of School

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Symbolic Play

da-symbo 9.22.11.jpg

Building Community

da-build comm 9.22.11.jpg


Wednesday and Thursday

da-sc 9.22.11-1.jpg
da-sc 9.22.11-2.jpg

Large Group

Thursday, September 22nd

da-lg 9.22.11.jpg

Wednesday, September 21st

da-lg 9.21.11.jpg



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