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Dear Parents,
Thank you for all of your support and involvement in our classroom this Fall. Even when you are unable to come into the classroom, your interest in our daily classroom activities definitely creates a nurturing learning experience for all of the children. Below are some "in-classroom" parent volunteer opportunities. Please email me ( if you are interested in volunteering. Remember, volunteer experiences are not limited to parents, and friends and family that are interested in volunteering are welcome to contact me. Thanks so much!

Cooking Project In the Classroom (1:15-2:30pm)
Wed. February 13:
Wed. February 20:
Wed. February 27:

Washing Classroom Dishes (3-3:30pm)
Wed. January 23:
Wed. January 30:
Wed. February 13:Kristin (Ethan's Mom)
Wed. February 20:
Wed. February 27:Kay (Hannah's Mom)

Reading with Children in Classroom: (1:15-1:40)
Mon: January 28th:Alix (LouLou's Mom)
Mon: February 4:Phil (Ethan's dad)
Thursday: February 14: Augie's grandparents
Thursday: February 21:Kay (Hannah's Mom)
Thursday: February 28:

Helping at our Classroom Writing Center: (1:55-2:25)
Mon: Feb 4:
Mon: Feb 11: Shelly (Augie's Aunt)
Mon: Feb 18: Michonne (Augie's Mom)
Mon: Feb 25: Alix (LouLou's Mom)

Other Volunteer Opportunities:
Share a Song/Book/Game @ Large Group: ONGOING
Stop in to help with Coats @ dismissal: (3-3:15) ONGOING

Thanks for all of your help!



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