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Ross' Class
Fall 2012

Abbreviated schedule for the first 3 days of Lab School

8.30-9 Arrival/Exploration Time

9-9.10 Large Group

9.10-9.50 Activity Time/Free-play

9.50-10 Clean-up and handwashing

10-10.20 Whole-group snack

10.20-10-30 Toileting, getting ready to go outside, and a quick visit to the gym and playground ("Not enough time to play today.")

10.30 Pick-up/end of the day story reading outside

Typical Daily Schedule
7.30-8.30 Teachers arrive, set up the environment, and discuss the day

8.30-9.00 Arrival/Exploration Time/Gym: teachers walk children into the building, and help them start the day. Children choose an activity in the front of the room: art, puzzles, manipulatives, sensory table, playdough, computer, science exploration, writing center, or "the caves"

9.00-9.15 Large Group: children come together to share music, stories, as well as new information pertaining to classroom interests, events, or projects

9.15-10.15 Activity Time/Free-play: children will join a teacher-facilitated group with their peers and participate in an activity relevant to the topics being explored in the room; afterwards they may finish an activity they started during arrival/exploration time or choose from additional activities throughout the room

10.15-10.25 Clean-up and handwashing

10.25-10.45 Whole-group snack: a daily community-building experience that allows teachers and children to connect with one another; reflecting on the day, as well as sharing information/stories to help strength social relationships

10.45-11.15 Toileting, getting ready to go outside, and playing on the playground

11.15-11.30 Pick-up/end of the day story reading

11.30-12.30 Teachers clean-up the room and discuss the day

*Note: the schedule will change slightly once "small groups" begin in October. Free-play will include "open snack" (i.e. children choose when to come to the table and have snack) rather than whole-group snack. Small groups will take the place of the whole-group snack on the schedule and will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays*



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