CFP - The 9th Annual Conference of the Igbo Studies Association

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Howard University, Washington, D.C., USA
April 8 - 9, 2011
The Igbo Studies Association (ISA) marked the 50th anniversary of Nigeria's independence with a well planned and well attended 8th annual international conference in April 2010. That conference copiously examined the experience of Ndi-Igbo in independent Nigeria: their aspirations, achievements, setbacks and problems. Building upon that timely dialogue, the 9th Annual Conference of the association scheduled for April 8-9, 2011 will provide an opportunity for participants to reflect and grapple with a road map for the future of the Igbo Nation in a broader perspective based on what we now know about the Igbo experience 50 years after Nigeria's independence. Hence, the theme for the 2011 conference, appropriately entitled "NKEIRUKA" was unanimously adopted by participants to keep the affairs of Ndi-Igbo in the center-stage of ISA's discourse. Despite the disappointments of yesterday and the apprehensions of today, ISA believes that for Ndi-Igbo better days are ahead.

The 2011 conference calls for candid introspection and dispassionate analysis of issues. How can Ndi-Igbo unleash and channel their well-known entrepreneurism to construct a better future for themselves in the Nigerian political, economic, social and cultural environment? To what extent is the future of Ndi-Igbo dependent on Igbo agency and how could it be harnessed? To what extent will the future be determined by forces and circumstances outside the control of Ndi-Igbo? What is the role of the Igbo diaspora in shaping the future of Ndi-Igbo? How can the perennial marginalization of Ndi-Igbo within the Nigerian state be effectively redressed? This conference, which focuses on the future, will allow participants to adopt or invoke a social/institutional change approach to articulate a better future for the Igbo people, both at home and abroad. The Igbo Studies Association, therefore, invites scholars and other individuals interested in various spheres of Igbo Studies to submit abstracts on diverse topics relating to the theme of the 2011 conference. Abstracts and papers which examine topics from a three-tier approach namely past, present and the future will be very germane and central to the conference theme and material to the intentions of the conference namely, to chart a road map for the future. Topics include but are not limited to the following:

• Civil Society, Politics and Leadership
• Religious and Ethnic Issues
• Social and Economic Development
• Education, Children and Youth Development;
• History, Culture and Society
• Media, Art and Artistic Expression;
• Sports and Human development;
• Security and the Rule of Law;
• Public Health, Diseases and Medicine;
• Environment and Human Rights,
• Ndi-Igbo and their Neighbors
• Justice, Caste System and Property Rights
• Chiefs, Chieftaincy and Traditional Institutions
• Changing Values and Norms;
• Peace and National Reconciliation
• Crime, Punishment and Vigilante Matters
• Dibias, Prophets, Prophesies;
• The Biafran War and Lessons;
• Igbo Language and Igbo Identity;
• Science, Scientists, and Entrepreneurs
• Industry and Agriculture;
• Biographies, Role Models and Achievers
• Gender and Social Change, etc.

All abstracts or proposals must include the following: your full name, title, current position and institutional affiliation; paper title, abstract (300 words maximum), mailing address, email, phone and number. Please note that all conference information will be available on ISA website:

All proposals will be reviewed by the 2011 Conference Planning Committee, and proposers will be duly notified of acceptance or rejection of your proposal by email. Well-written papers based on solid research and analyses will be selected for consideration for publication. Although presentations will be in English, those who would like to present in the Igbo language should make translations of their abstracts available in English. Participants are responsible for the conference registration fee and their travel and lodging costs.

Please email your proposal/abstract to:

Apollos Okwuchi Nwauwa
Conference Chair
Professor of History & Director, Africana Studies
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403, USA Telephone: (419) 372-2269 or (419) 372-9483

• Deadline for submission of proposal is extended to September 30 October 31, 2010.
• Deadline for submission of full papers is November 31, 2010

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