Dunn Peace Research Scholarship

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Dunn Peace Research Scholarship

The J.W.G. Dunn, Jr., Peace Research Scholarships, $1,500 each, are available to UMN students to conduct research abroad on issues related to international peace. The foreign phase of research must be planned to commence by May 31, 2012. For details, visit:

Deadline: Noon, March 1, 2011

For example, proposals might examine the material reality of food and its cultivation, production, labor, and marketing: agribusiness, the restaurant industry, our current fascination with television food shows or "authentic" ethnic eating. Others might examine consumption, purchasing, and power by examining chains of production, from the unseen labor of overseas and domestic Asian workers to how the advertising of various products specifically employs or ignores Asian and Asian American bodies. This topic also encompasses the widespread consumption of goods and services identified as Asian or Asian American. These might include religious iconography, such as Mehndi and the Buddha, artistic traditions such as haiku, martial arts, or manga), or language and writing, such as Chinese writing in keychains, home decor, and body art. Consumption also can be thought of as a means of absorbing, reformulating, or challenging culture through various technologies: how images of Asians, from the yellow peril to the model minority have been circulated and consumed by a multi-racial America, and how one might control or resist the consumption of Asian America.

This is the first time AAAS will meet in New Orleans. Accordingly, we are interested in the ways in which New Orleans (and the Gulf Coast more broadly) has been the object of consumption post-Katrina, as well as the relative invisibility of Asian Americans in the public attention following the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. How might this conference steer us away from being unthinking consumers of New Orleans culture and instead engage us with the possibilities of critical activism?

*All paper and panel applicants must be members of AAAS in order to submit conerence proposals. AAAS membership number or confirmation of membership from JHUP will be required with all proposals.
**AV equipment will be available on request but on a limited, first-come-first-served basis due to budget restrictions. Please make your requests when sending in your proposals.

Jennifer Ho, Assistant Professor
Department of English & Comparative Literature
UNC Chapel Hill
Email: jho@email.unc.edu
Visit the website at http://www.aaastudies.org/

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