Political Theory Colloquium; This Friday (3/25), Antonio Vazquez-Arroyo

This Friday (3/25) the Political Theory Colloquium will host Antonio
Vazquez-Arroyo (University of Minnesota, Political Science), who will
briefly present his paper "Unseen Catastrophes: Capitalism and
Colonialism as Non-Events" followed by a longer discussion. The
colloquium will be in 1314 Social Sciences at 1:30. Coffee will be


Plenty of scholarly and popular attention is increasingly devoted to
natural Catastrophes, yet not enough critical attention is afforded to
other, long-term and often dreary catastrophes that cannot be
accommodated in the logic of the Event that makes the Catastrophes
visible, even when these catastrophes often mediate their unfolding
and aftermaths. Capitalism and colonialism are the two preeminent
examples of catastrophes that fall from view in narratives of the
Event. And insofar as these are structural they can be considered to
be non-events. But in these catastrophes the dialectic of the "upside
of down" at work in catastrophic discourses is clearly discernable,
and so are the orders of violence that are constitutive of these two,
as well as constituted by them. Capitalism and colonialism, and their
ensuing orders of violence, are today's unseen catastrophes.

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