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If you're interested in being more involved with IPID next school year, consider running for office! IPID will elect new executive officers (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and at-large member) April 28, 2011.

Committee chair elections (for the programming, finances, outreach, framing and documentation, and IT committees) will take place in the fall to ensure that incoming students have opportunities for leadership and involvement.

The goal of IPID is to enrich the University of Minnesota with broad interdisciplinary activities related to international development while providing graduate students with opportunities to develop skills in leadership and scholarly activities.

Nominations will be accepted until Sunday midnight April 24!

Elections Quick Facts:
-Voting will begin at noon, April 25 and end at noon, April 29
-Results of the elections will be announced via the IPID listserv on the afternoon of April 29

To Self-Nominate Yourself As A Candidate
-Send your self-nomination to to be posted on the IPID web site
-Nomination materials include:

* Your name, academic program and year
* The office for which candidacy is sought
* One paragraph describing your interest and experience in international development, your goals for IPID, and briefly answer one of the following framing IPID questions:
o How does an interdisciplinary perspective shift our conceptualization of international development?
o What are the trends and issues affecting current approaches to international development?
o What is the future of this interdisciplinary field (including the role of the international community)?

Officer Responsibilities

-Must be a registered U of M student
-Must commit to the mission of IPID
-Must be able to commit for 1 year
-Must be able to commit 1.5-2.5 hrs per week

More information about the executive officer roles and responsibilities may be found on the IPID web site:

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