Challenges of Race for the Cuban Revolution: The Perspectives of Two Afro-Cubans

Saturday, June 25, 2011
1:00 p.m.
Pillsbury House
3501 Chicago Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Scholar Esteban Morales is Professor of Political Econ-omy, University of
Havana and Cuba's leading authority on race; his most recent book, La
Problemática Racial en Cuba: Algunos de Sus Desafíos (The Race Question in
Cuba: Some of the Challenges).

Artist Elio Rodriguez explores themes of racial iden-tity. He is one of the
curators of Queloides/Keloids: Raza y Racismo en el Arte Cubano
Contemporáneo, an art exhibit that seeks to contribute to current debates
about the persistence of racism in contemporary Cuba

Moderator John Wright is Professor of African American and African Studies
and English, Univ. of MN.

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