Citizens for Global Solutions presents the Honorable Lloyd Axworthy, former Canadian Foreign Minister, former Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations, and former President of the UN Security Council.

In 2005, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously approved a fundamentally new concept of what sovereignty meant, declaring that it not only gave States certain rights, but also entailed the responsibility of States to protect their own citizens. Further, the new doctrine--the Responsibility to Protect--stipulated that when States failed to uphold this responsibility, the international community, acting through the UN, had not only a right, but an obligation, to act in the interest of endangered populations and could even use force to do so, though only as a last resort, when all other means of peaceful intervention had been exhausted. Laudable though the Responsibility to Protect doctrine appears, it must be admitted that the international resolve to apply it has been wanting on multiple occasions. Why this is so and what can be done about the problem will be addressed by Dr. Axworthy during the course of his presentation.

Venue & Date

Tuesday, November 22

3:30-5:00 PM

25 Mondale Hall (Law School)
229 19th Avenue S.
University of Minnesota West Bank

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