Perceptions of Time in Post Civil War Tajikistan - this week's ICGC brown bag

ICGC Brown Bag
Friday, October 14, 2011
12:00 noon, 537 Heller Hall

Perceptions of Time in Post Civil War Tajikistan


Presented by:
Damon Lynch,
PhD Student in Anthropology and ICGC Scholar

Communities emerging from protracted violent conflict typically do not perceive time in a simple linear fashion. People who have experienced episodes of wartime violence can talk about them as if they occurred yesterday, regardless of whether they actually occurred months, years or even centuries before. Much scholarship in the last few decades has focused on the social life of memory, but less attention has been directed to the underlying notions of time that shape them. In my dissertation research, I intend to investigate how Tajiks perceive time when they reflect on the 1992-97 Tajik civil war, and the implications these perceptions have for social action. I will also explore what influence religion has on these perceptions, if any. This past summer I spent two months doing pre-dissertation fieldwork in Tajikistan. In my talk I will present some preliminary research findings and challenges, but the primary goal is to open up the project for discussion, particularly regarding research methodologies and relevant areas of scholarship.

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