The Changing Arctic: International Cooperation and Development

October 27, 2011 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

University of Minnesota, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Cowles Auditorium
301 -- 19th Ave South, Minneapolis MN 55454 [Map It]


Who owns the vast resources beneath the Arctic Ocean? What's the role of international cooperation and diplomacy in the far north? How will climate change impact arctic waterways, infrastructure and ecosystems? How will changes and development in the Arctic increasingly impact Minnesota? Experts from Canada and the United States will address these and other questions. This half-day symposium is designed for researchers, policy-makers, business people, students and anyone interested in learning more about the Arctic.

Topics will include:

International Cooperation and Diplomacy
• Defense and security: emergency preparedness, search and rescue, border protection
• Diplomacy/Role of the Arctic Council
• Boundary and continental shelf recognition issues

Economic and Social Development
• "Ownership" of the resources underneath the Arctic Ocean
• Northwest Passage - economic and environmental impact of an increasingly open waterway
• Peoples of the North/Human Dimension

Environment, Science and Education
• Climate change in the environment, impact to infrastructure and ecosystems
• Adventure - the role of explorers in conservation
• Science and academic research on the Arctic

Speakers Include:
• Polar Explorer Will Steger
• Canadian Consul General Martin Loken
• Whitney Lackenbauer, University of Waterloo
• Brigadier General Robert Chekan, North American Aerospace Defense Command
• Pita Aaatami from Makavik Corporation
• Steve Kelley, Peter Snyder, Raymond Duvall and Aaron Doering from the University of Minnesota
• Greg Poelzer from the University of Saskatchewan.

Hosted by: Consulate General of Canada, Will Steger Foundation and University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment and Humphrey School of Public Affairs' Center for Science, Technology & Public Policy

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