Hunger and Injustice in HAITI: How to Move Forward

Lavarice Gaudin
(The director of What If Foundation)

Wednesday November 9th --- 5:00 PM --- Nolte 140

For more information on the event and why the issues to be discussed are so important, please visit:

This event announcement ( overviews many of the issues that Lavarice will discuss:

• US foreign policy impacts on Haiti and its poverty

• Approaches to feeding the hungry that actually lead to more hunger and poverty

• Lavarice's vision and accomplishments

Lavarice Gaudin runs the What If? Foundation projects in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He runs the food program, education program (school scholarships, a summer camp and an after school classes for community members to help get jobs like Drivers Ed, English, Computer training, etc) and a sustainable agriculture project. In addition to providing support to Haitian farmers across the country, he acquired land last year to create a teaching farm in Port-au-Prince for the community. The farm has 4 goals:

1) Serve as a model for agricultural self-sufficiency, promote Haitian food production and composting

2) Teach children in the city about agriculture and food production

3) Grow food to use in the What If? Foundation's food program

4) Create jobs

( More information about programs and earthquake response can be found on the website.

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