Reconsidering Development Call for Submissions deadline: February 1, 2012

We are pleased to announce the fourth call for submissions for Reconsidering Development, an interdisciplinary
E-journal based at the University of Minnesota. The journal is theme-based and contributors are encouraged to be creative in integrating themes of each issue into their submissions.

The first issue of Volume III, Reconsidering Development and Human Rights will be launched in the spring of 2012 and the deadline for submissions is February 1, 2012. We seek submissions that explore the relationship between human rights theory and practice and international development.

We seek submissions that push theoretical boundaries. We do not believe this requires the explicit language of theory but we encourage authors to address disciplinary and theoretical assumptions. We offer the following questions and encourage that submitters use the following core questions as guides to help our audience understand development from your theoretical, disciplinary, or practical perspective:

How does an interdisciplinary perspective (or a novel disciplinary approach) shift our conceptualization of human rights (legal framework, policy, practice) in development and how does this perspective on human rights shape the theory, practice, and/or experience of international development?
What trends and issues affect the pursuit of human rights in international development contexts?
What is the future of international development? In what ways, if at all, will the relationship between human rights and the international community shape the future of development projects?

We seek submissions from multiple theoretical and practical perspectives, disciplines, vantage points, and sectors expressed through innovative formats, including but not limited to video, audio, written, and artistic forms of media. For each submission, international development issues must be made central. Additionally, we seek submissions that engage a broad audience. Submissions will be accepted based on the following criteria:

- Fit with Call for Submissions- Submitters must be explicit in the abstract and arguments made in the submission about how their piece fits with the theme of the issue.
- Clarity of argument - Submitters must be clear about the argument they are making with the piece.
- Application to general audience- Our readership includes academics and practitioners from a wide variety of fields. We seek pieces that clearly elaborate how the argument being made affects multiple readers.
- Significance of contribution- The "So what?" question must be addressed in each piece. Who is your audience? Why does your piece matter to your audience? What does your contribution add to the theory and practice of development?

The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2012

Submissions can be uploaded at
*Note: if submissions include different media types, i.e. text, video, audio, photos, each file should be uploaded separately. Submissions may also be emailed to

Please forward this call to any colleagues, students, or practitioners who may be interested in publishing with Reconsidering Development.

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