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The recent floods in Hungary have caused serious damage and the displacement of thousands of people in several parts of the country. Homes have been destroyed, seventy percent of Hungary's roads have been flooded or washed out, people's livelihoods lost.

2010 State History Day Prizes Awarded

Minnesota History Day was held Saturday, May 1, 2010, at the University of Minnesota's
Coffman Union. The Friends of the IHRC gave $100 topical prizes for projects dealing with immigration. Congratulations to Isidora Radovanovic, "Tesla's Alternating Current System: Powering our Future" (Junior Individual Documentary) and Emily Fitterer, Katelyn Graham, "Ellis Island: Island of Hope, Island of Tears" (Senior Group Exhibit).

35th Annual Pommerntag Outdoor German Festival in Mequon, WI

The 35th Annual Pommerntag Outdoor German Festival will be held in Mequon, WI on June 27, 2010 from Noon to 6 pm

Celebrate German-Pomeranian heritage with ethnic food, cultural exhibits, genealogy displays, and entertainment by the Pommersche Tanzdeel Freistadt and the Alte Kameraden Band.

Mequon City Park
11333 N Cedarburg Rd
Mequon, WI 53092

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