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Celebrate Ukraine's Independence Day

Aug. 29, 2010--Snail Lake in Shoreview MN, noon to 5 p.m. Family style picnic.

Twin Cities Polish FilmFest Aug. 13-19

The Minnesota Film Arts, a non-profit film exhibitor in Minneapolis has partnered with the Twin Cities Polish Festival (Aug 14-15) to expand their celebration of Polish culture and art by hosting the Twin Cities Polish FilmFest August 13-19 at St. Anthony Main Theatre.

More information on the films can be found at this link:

Magyar Piknik/Hungarian Picnic

You are Invited to the Annual Picnic of the Minnesota Hungarians

Date and Time: August 14, 2010 from 11:00 am to Sunset
Location: Golden Lake at the Park Shelter #1 Circle Pines, MN
Food: Buffet-Style - Please bring food to share
Soft drink refreshments will be provided by the Minnesota Hungarians

Help Needed with Planning Croatian Christmas Party

The Croatian Christmas party is in the works and we need some volunteers to help with the event. There is a need for entertainment - if anyone knows of local Croatian musicians, please contact me.

Saturday December 4th has been reserved at the Croatian Hall in South St. Paul. Please be sure to put this on your calendar. If interested in helping, please contact Andrea Neumann by emailing to andreaorbruce@comcast.net

SAVE THESE DATES for the Ukrainian Village Band

1)Twin Cities Polish Festival - August 14-15, Sat-Sun

2) Ukrainian Independence Day PICNIC -Sunday, Aug 29, 2010:


4) ZABAVA! -Sat, Sept 25, 2010

5) 2nd Annual RAZOM-KOPA Ukrainian and Latvian Community New Year's Eve Ball
Friday, Dec 31, 2011

6) MALANKA - Saturday, Jan 15, 2011

Burgenland Bunch Midwest Picnic

The Midwest Burgenland Bunch will host its annual picnic for members and friends on August 8, 2010, at the Germanic-American Institute, 301 Summit Avenue in St. Paul MN.

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