Rajko Orchestra Concert in St. Paul

Date: February 19 (Tuesday), 2013 Time: 7 pm
Location: Unity Church Unitarian - Sanctuary (733 Portland Ave., St. Paul, MN 55104)
Enter at 733 Portland (corner of Portland and Grotto) through the new entryway and lobby.

In the tradition of true Gypsy orchestras, the RAJKÓ will alter the program to suit the specific concert audience and the musician's own creative mood! This is the essence of Roma music in Hungary or anywhere else in the world: spontaneity, improvisation and drawing a smile or a tear from the listeners.

The program includes Hungarian folk music and popular music selections, also selections from romantic and classical composers like Monti, Hubay, Dinicu, Khachaturian, Offenbach, Suppe, Strauss or Rossini - just to name a few.

Tickets: $20--In advance, $25--At the door

Reservation: Phone: Csilla Grauzer (612)554-6227;

E-mail: minnesotahungarians@gmail.com
The musicians are:

Lőrinc Danyi (primás) - violin;
Tamás Mata (primás) - violin;
József Toldi (primás) - violin;
Richárd Danyi (primás) - violin;
Antal Suki - clarinet;
Gábor Matyi - double bass.

Special guest artist:
Sándor Kuti - cimbalom

Payment options are: Check or Paypal

Check: Minnesota Hungarians, 11705 Live Oak Drive, Minnetonka, MN, 55305
(Please mail your checks by February 15, 2013)

Paypal: Visit our website and order your tickets online.
Please, print out the confirmation letter and bring it to the Concert.
(Please complete your online pre-order by February 17, 2013)

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