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Dance and Global Tourism

Dance 3495/5495: Dance and Global Tourism (PDF)
Instructor: R. Diyah Larasati, Ph.D

Imagining Asian America

AAS 1101: Imagining Asian America (PDF)
Prof. Josephine Lee

Asian American History 1850 - Present

AsianAmH 3877 (PDF): Asian American History 1850 - Present; Prof. Erika Lee

Asian American History

AsianAmH 5877 (PDF): Asian American History; Prof. Erika Lee

Chic 1907 (PDF): The Cicana/o Educational Experience in Literature: The Poetics of Resistance, Affirmation, and Assimilation; Assoc. Prof. Louis Mendoza

Chic 3223 (PDF): Chicana/o and Latina/o Representation in Cinema; Assoc. Prof. Louis Mendoza

Language Borderlands

Comm 3404 (PDF): Language Borderlands; Prof. Amy Sheldon

CSCL 5910/CSDS 5910/CLIT 5910 (PDF): Meaning and Identity in Postmodern Culture; Prof. Harvey Sarles

Eng 3960 (PDF): Senior Seminar: Black Women Writers of the U.S.; Prof. Michelle M. Wright

Eng 8510 (PDF): Criticism & Theory: Theorizing the African Diaspora; Prof. Michelle M. Wright

Population in an Interacting World

Geog 3381W/Glos 3701W (PDF): Population in an Interacting World; Prof. Helga Leitner

International Human Rights Law

Glos 3401 (PDF): International Human Rights Law; Prof. Barbara Frey

Human Rights Advocacy

Glos 5900/Law 6058 (PDF): Human Rights Advocacy; Prof. Barbara Frey

Hist 1902 (PDF): A Nation of Immigration or a Gate Keeping Nation? American Immigration in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives; Prof. Erika Lee

Hist 3875 (PDF): Comparative Race & Ethnicity in U.S. History; Prof. Erika Lee

Proseminar: U.S.-Mexico Border

Hist 5863 (PDF): Proseminar: U.S.-Mexico Border; Prof. Jeffrey Pilcher

Hist 5990 (PDF): Studying Migration and Human Mobility across the Disciplines; Prof. Donna Gabaccia

Hist 8990 (PDF): Research Seminar, "Topics in Comparative History," Migration, Movement, Mobility; Prof. Donna Gabaccia

Ethnic Bilingualism in the U.S.

Ling 3707 (PDF): Ethnic Bilingualism in the U.S.; Assoc. Prof. Bruce Downing

Globalization, Migration and Language

Ling 5900 (PDF): Globalization, Migration and Language; Assoc. Prof. Bruce Downing

Immigrant Health Issues

PA 5451/PH 6281 (PDF): Immigrant Health Issues; Prof. Katherine Fennelly

Immigration and Public Policy

PA 5490 (PDF): Immigration and Public Policy; Prof. Katherine Fennelly

Capstone on Social Justice and Immigration

PA 8190 (PDF): Capstone on Social Justice and Immigration; Prof. Katherine Fennelly

American Race Relations

SOC 3211 (PDF): American Race Relations; Prof. Douglas Hartmann

Race Theories

SOC 8211 (PDF): Race Theories; Prof. Douglas Hartmann

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