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HIST 5901: Readings in Colonial Latin American History (PDF)
Instructor: Sarah Chambers

HIST/LAS 3401W: Early Latin America to 1825 (Writing Intensive) (PDF)
Instructor: Sarah Chambers

ALL 3361W: Maps, Pictures, and Writing in the Representation of Taiwan, Instructor: Joseph R. Allen

CI 5647: Teaching Middle and Secondary Immigrant and Refugee Students with Limited Formal Schooling, Instructor: Martha Bigelow

ENGL 8090: Seminar in Special Subjects Asian American Cultural Criticism, Instructor: Josephine Lee

Theoretical Geography

GEOG 8230: Theoretical Geography, Instructor: Dr. Arun Saldanha

Feminist Theory and Methods-II

GWSS 8109: Feminist Theory and Methods-II, Instructor: Richa Nagar

Hist 1012W: World History from 1500: The Age of Global Contact (Writing Intensive), Instructor: Jeffrey Pilcher

History of the Holocaust

Hist 3727W/RelS 3521/JwSt 3521: History of the Holocaust, Instructor: Dr. Stephen Feinstein

SLHS 1401/3401: Communication Differences and Disorders: An Introduction, Instructor: Kathryn Kohnert

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