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AAS 3001/AMST 3001: Contemporary Perspectives on Asian America: Focus on Space, Place, and Movement, Instructor: Kale B. Fajardo

Service Learning in the Asian Community

AAS 3270/ALL 3270: Service Learning in the Asian Community, Instructor: Juavah Lee

Asian America Through Arts and Culture

AAS 3501/ALL 3920/HIST 3960: Asian America Through Arts and Culture, Instructor: Ed Bok Lee

AAS 3920/ALL 3920: Cultures of Korean Adoption: The Adoptee Experience, Instructor: Kim Park Nelson

AFRO 4231/AAS 4231/CHIC 4231: The Color of Public Policy: African Americans, American Indians, and Chicanos in the United States, Instructor: Rose M. Brewer

Indigenous Peoples in Global Perspective

AMIN 1002: Indigenous Peoples in Global Perspective, Instructor: Tlahtoki Aguirre

AMST 1012: Migrants, Refugees, Citizens, and Exiles: The U.S. on an Immigrant Planet, Instructor: Miglena S. Todorova

America's Diverse Cultures

AMST 3113W: America's Diverse Cultures, Instructor: Brenda J. Child

AMST 3114: America in International Perspective: Post-1965 Immigration, Instructor: Jennifer L. Pierce

AMST 3116: Jews and Popular Culture in 20th Century United States, Instructor: Riv-Ellen Prell

AMST 3920/GLOS 3900: Black Paris: The African Diaspora in Paris, France, Instructor: Trica D. Keaton

CHIC 1112: Introduction to Chicana/o Studies: Critical Paradigms, Instructor: Toni Nelson Herrera

CHIC 1275/CHIC 3275: Service Learning in the Chicano/Latino Community, Instructors: Kathleen M. Ganley and Jennifer Lyn Caron

CHIC 3223: Chicana/o and Latina/o Representation in Film, Instructor: Louis G. Mendoza

CHIC 3374/CHIC 5374: Migrant Farmworkers in the U.S.: Families, Work, and Advocacy, Instructor: Lisa Sass Zaragoza

CHIC 3446: Chicana/o History II: WWII, El Movimiento, and the New Millenium, Instructor: Toni Nelson Herrera

CHIC 3452: Xicana/Indigena Studies: History, Culture, and Politics, Instructor: Tlahtoki Aguirre

Introduction to Chicana/o Literature

CHIC 3507W: Introduction to Chicana/o Literature, Instructor: Debra J. Blake

Chicanas(os): Psychological Perspectives

CHIC 3712: Chicanas(os): Psychological Perspectives, Instructor: Eden E. Torres

CHIC 3752: Chicanas and Chicanos in Contemporary Society, Instructor: Richard Martinez

CHIC 3900 (PDF): Latino Immigration: Causes, Policies and Lived Experiences, Instructor: Richard Martinez

CHIC 3900: The Theory and Practice of Latina/o Leadership, Instructor: Michael Duenes

ENGL 1301W: Introduction to Multicultural American Literature, Instructors: Evelyn N. Chien and Paula Rabinowitz

FREN 3350: Topics in Literature: Migration, Emigration and Immigration, Instructor: Hakim Abderrezak

Global and Diverse Families

FSOS 3104: Global and Diverse Families, Instructor: Paul C. Rosenblatt

GEOG 3377/GEOG 5377: Music in the City: Sounds and Bodies in Different Places, Instructor: Arun Saldanha

Population in an Interacting World

GEOG 3381W/GLOS 3701W: Population in an Interacting World, Instructor: Helga Leitner

GLOS 3900: Topics in Global Studies: Transnational Migration: Networks of People & Place, Instructor: Cawo Abdi

Migrations in Modern Global History

HIST 3415: Migrations in Modern Global History, Instructor: Donna Gabaccia

History of Southeast Asia

HIST 3485: History of Southeast Asia, Instructor: Mai Na Lee

Hmong History Across the Globe

HIST 3940/AAS 3920/ALL 3920: Hmong History Across the Globe, Instructor: Mai Na Lee

Asian American History

HIST 5877/AAS 5920 (PDF): Asian American History, Instructor: Erika Lee

Ways of Knowing in the Social Sciences

PSTL 1204: Ways of Knowing in the Social Sciences, Instructor: Dan Detzner

PSTL 1364: Literature of the American Immigrant Experience, Instructor: Patricia A. Eliason

The Immigrant Experience

SCAN 3504: The Immigrant Experience, Instructor: Goran K. Stockenstrom

American Race Relations

SOC 3211W: American Race Relations, Instructor: Enid Lynette Logan

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