November 2009 Archives

Service Learning in the Asian Community

AAS 3270
Instructor: Juavah Lee

Asian American Women's Cultural Production

AAS 3409W
Instructor: Xiumei Pu

AAS 3920
Instructor: Hilal N. Isler

AAS 3920
Instructor: Leena N. Her

AFRO 8554
Instructor: Rose M. Brewer

America's Diverse Cultures

AMST 3113W
Instructor: Brenda Child

Jewish Women in the United States

AMST 3632W
Instructor: Riv-Ellen Prell

CHIC 1112
Instructor: Marianne M. Bueno

CHIC 1275/3275
Instructor: Kathleen Ganley

Chicano Music and Art

CHIC 3213
Instructor: Daniel Topete

CHIC 3223
Instructor: Lori B. Rodriguez

CHIC 3446
Instructor: Marianne M. Bueno

Introduction to Chicana/o Literature

CHIC 3507W
Instructors: Alexandra Covarrubias and Louis Mendoza

Chicana/o Experience in the Midwest

CHIC 3672
Instructor: Marianne M. Bueno

CHIC 3752
Instructor: Lori B. Rodriguez

CHIC 3374/5374
Instructor: Lisa Sass Zaragoza

CHIC 4231
Instructor: Rose M. Brewer

COMM 8110
Instructor: Rosita Albert

ENGL 3300
Instructor: Jani Scandura

Literacy and American Cultural Diversity

ENGL 3741
Instructor: Eric S. Daigre

Social Variation in American English

ENGL 3960
Instructor: Geneviève Escure

Global and Diverse Families

FSOS 3104
Instructors: Paul C. Rosenblatt and Zha B. Xiong

Population in an Interacting World

GEOG 3381W

Global Media and Migration

GLOS 3900
Instructor: Barbara Wolbert

The Italian Exiles

ITAL 3640
Instructor: Susanna Ferlito

HIST 3875W
Instructor: Wendy Thompson

Asian American History, 1850-Present

HIST 3877
Instructor: Erika Lee

HIST 3960
Instructor: Mai Na Lee

Comparing Global Migrations

HIST 5990/8000
Instructor: Donna R. Gabaccia

HIST 8245
Instructor: Eric D. Weitz

Immigration Law

LAW 6872
Instructor: David Weissbrodt

Immigrants and U.S. Cities

PA 5290
Instructor: Ryan Allen

Immigrant Health Issues

PA 5451
Instructor: Robin M. Councilman

Immigration and Public Policy

PA 5452
Instructor: Katherine Fennelly

PA 5490
Instructor: Katherine Fennelly

American Race Relations

SOC 3211W
Instructor: Enid Logan

SOC 3251W
Instructor: Lisa Park and Daniel Winchester

SOC 8390
Instructor: Ron Aminzade

Immigration, Citizenship, Border

SOC 8390
Instructor: Lisa Park

Latino Immigration and Community Service

SPAN 3401
Instructor: Kathleen M. Ganley

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