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SOC8090: Diversity, Solidarity and the American Mosaic
Taught by Joe Gerteis with Penny Edgell and Doug Hartmann

HSEM 2046: Understanding Diversity: A Universal Perspective
Professor Indira Y. Junghare

ALL 3900/5900: Topics in Asian Literature: India through Time: Historicity and Periodization
Professor: Bali Sahota

AMST 3920 : Black Paris: The African Diaspora and Paris, France
Also meets with: GLOS 3900 Sec 005 and AFRO 3920 Sec 001
Professor: Trica Keaton

Global Migration & Photography

ANTH 3980: Global Migration & Photography
Instructor: Barbara Wolbert

AMST 1012: There Must Be Some Way Out of Here: Humans on the Move
Instructor: Professor Trica Keaton

GWSS 4690/ GWSS 5690: Space, Identity, and Agency in the Black Diaspora (PDF)
Instructor: Zenzele Isoke

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