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Migration for Labor or Love?

By Johanna Leinonen, PhD candidate in History at the University of Minnesota.

In scholarly and public discussions on immigration issues, as well as in immigration legislation, a distinction is usually made between work-related and family-related migration.

The Media's Unbalanced Portrayal

By Dan Ott, IHRC Blog Coordinator.

Media portrayals of immigration issues frequently dehumanize the actual migrants by presenting them as cultural parasites or transforming them into statistics.

Ten Myths About Immigration

By Katherine Fennelly, Professor at the Humphrey H. Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota, IHRC Affiliate

There are almost as many myths about immigrants in the United States as immigrants themselves. Some of these myths are the result of the complexities of immigration categories and laws; others are the result of purposeful distortion by anti-immigrant groups.

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