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By: Anna Mazurkiewicz, Ph.D., University of Gdansk and Kosciuszko Foundation Fellow in Residence at the IHRC

Prompted by the approaching holiday air travel season (still a new thing for most Poles), I began to wonder about the people first traveling home to Poland for Christmas from their new homes elsewhere in Europe before returning again to New Year’s parties with their new friends in London, Stockholm or Madrid.

Foreign-born Parents; Citizen Children

By Donna R. Gabaccia, Director, Immigration History Research Center

Aliens can be deported; citizens cannot. In a “nation of immigrants,? families routinely include both aliens and citizens. That’s why deportation so often raises troubling issues.

Let Them In

By Andy Urban, PhD candidate in History at the University of Minnesota. IHRC Affiliated Faculty

The last two weeks, I was in the Washington, DC area, visiting my family for the Thanksgiving holiday and making trips to the downtown National Archives in order to do research. The immigration records I was interested in are housed in basement of the same building that showcases the United States constitution. Upstairs, where the constitution is on display, everything moves efficiently and tourists are herded through in an affable manner. The security guards even smile. Downstairs it is another story. The researcher must navigate a byzantine system of security checks, complete a complicated process in order to request records, and overcome other various barriers that can easily drive all but the most dedicated away.

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