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Becoming American

Rachel Ida Buff is an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and the History
Coordinator in Comparative Ethnic Studies.

Responding to the ongoing controversy about his minister, Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama in his speech, “A More Perfect Union� last Tuesday opened up a teachable moment about race and American history.

By Andy Urban, PhD candidate in History at the University of Minnesota. IHRC Affiliated Faculty

Although the media coverage leading up to this year’s St. Patrick’s Day has highlighted how Catholic leaders have tried to make sure that the holiday’s festive nature and secular activities do not interfere with start of the more somber occasion of Holy Week, those interested in immigration history might think about the significance of ethnic holidays in relationship to the larger story of migration and assimilation.

Vietnamese immigration to Poland

Anna Mazurkiewicz Ph.D, University of Gdansk, Kosciuszko Foundation Fellow at the IHRC

While Americans know that Vietnamese migrate, few imagine Poland as an important destination for them.

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