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Director Gabaccia's message for Fall 2011
A Heart Connects Us - Digitizing Immigrant Letters
Minnesota 2.0 - How immigrant and refugee youth write on Facebook
Sheeko - Oral histories with Somali youth
Supporting students and communities in heritage preservation
University courses for Fall 2011 - IHRC & Global REM List

A Heart Connects Us: Digitizing letters written in languages other than English exchanged by international migrants and their loved ones in the years between 1850 and 1970 and providing access to and interpretation of the letters. These were written both by immigrants (the so-called "America letters") and to immigrants ("Europe Letters"). Explore this collection

Minnesota 2.0, a new digital archive created by the University of Minnesota Immigration History Research Center (IHRC), aims to document how 1.5 and 2nd generation Mexican, Somali, and Hmong youth use social networking sites to express their emerging sense of identity and social connection. The archive explores the youth's connections to Minnesota and the United States, to their parents and communities, to each other and to the homelands from which their families arrived. News Release, Explore this collection

Sheeko - Oral histories with Somali youth. This project was begun in Fall 2010 and is currently underway.

Heritage preservation activities:

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