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What I'm Reading

By Beatriz Carrillo, MN 2.0 Project Team

In the Minnesota 2.0 project I have been cataloging Facebook groups that relate to a Mexican or Mexican American identity. I am interested in how the media is used by different groups of people and as a part of this project I have learned how youth use Facebook and how non-Mexicans view Mexico.

What I'm Reading

By Suk Her, MN 2.0 Project Team

As part of my research with Minnesota 2.0, I have been examining and documenting Hmong Facebook groups and fan pages. Despite being Hmong myself, I am learning more things about Hmong youth identity.

What I'm Reading

By Salma Hussein and Mustafa Jumale

The "Minnesota 2.0" project has allowed us to look at Facebook from a different standpoint, and analyze the complexity within it. We are able to see that young immigrant youth of Somali descent are actively engaging in sharing their stories via social networking sites such as Facebook.

What I'm Reading

By Andy Wilhide and Justin Schell

Work on the Minnesota 2.0 project is a very different example of "What I'm Reading." Begun in September of 2009, Minnesota 2.0 aims to ...

By Nahid Khan, Ph.D candidate, School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Accuracy, balance, completeness, and fairness are major values emphasized in news coverage; still, the field of journalism struggles with the ideas and ideals of diversity.

What I'm Reading

By Donna Gabaccia, Director, Immigration History Research Center

For me, summer reading means escape, largely through fiction that is as unrelated as possible to my scholarly work. Imagine my surprise then when I opened two new novels pulled randomly from the shelves of the Minneapolis Public Library. Both featured main characters who were very much "on the move."

Is Osmo Vänskä an Immigrant?

By Donna Gabaccia, IHRC Director (on sabbatical)

Immigrants have been making music in the United States for over 200 years. So why is it that no journalist writing recently about Osmo Vänskä’s jazzy clarinet-playing at New York’s Avery Fischer Hall referred to the Finnish-born Vänskä, director of the Minnesota Orchestra since 2003, as an immigrant? To reporters, he’s a Finn who happens to live in the United States.

By Joel Wurl, Head of Research Collections and Associate Director of the Immigration History Research Centerat the University of Minnesota

The recently completed World Baseball Classic may seem an unlikely starting point for commentary on migration, but as this Miami Herald article illustrates, it actually furnishes an interesting window on a host of complex, inter-related issues.

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