International Fellows Program

One of the 'feathers in the cap' of the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs is the International Fellows Program. Each year the program hosts 16-20 mid-career professionals from Asia, Africa, Latin American and the former Soviet States as they work on academic and professional development programs here from August to June. This dynamic group includes heads of NGOs, attorneys working on human rights issues, specialists in environmental protection, educators, law enforcement professionals, and many others.

Program facilitators are looking for families who would enjoy serving as cross-cultural hosts for an individual Fellow. The Fellows don't live with host families--they live in apartments close to the University--but they greatly benefit from forming a friendship with an American family who can meet them at the airport when they arrive in early August, include them in some family holidays or outings, and generally help them to understand this complex society.

If you would like to learn more about the Humphrey Fellows Program and the Cross-cultural Host Program, please get in touch with Sharon Anderson.

See the Hubert H. Humphrey International Fellowship programs Web page for further information about the program itself.