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Professor Eithne Luibheid to lecture March 1.

The Global Sexualities Research Collaborative is pleased to announce that Professor Eithne Luibheid, author of Entry Denied: Controlling Sexuality at the Border, will present a lecture Thursday, March 1st at 3:30 p.m. in Room 402 in Walter Library(U of Minnesota). Luibheid is a member of the Department of Women's Studies at the University of Arizona, as well as the director for the Committee on LGBT Studies. Her talk, is entitled "Genealogy, Intimacy, and the Shifting Boundaries Between Legal and Illegal Immigration." Refreshments and a brief reception will follow the presentation. (more...)

According to Professor Luibheid, "Although government policies and media representations posit a clear distinction between legal and illegal immigration, contemporary scholarship suggests that each are socially produced, and that the line between them 'can be crossed in both directions'(Ngai, 2004). Focusing on same-sex couples who are seeking inclusion within the spousal reunification provisions of immigration law, this talk raises critical questions for queer scholars/activists about the ways that sexuality figures in producing, contesting, and refiguring the distinction between legal and illegal immigration."