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erikalee.jpg Erika Lee has been named Fesler-Lampert Professor in Public Humanities for 2007-08. The Fesler-Lampert Professorship is designed to strengthen the ties between humanities scholars and the broader community. The position recognizes and supports the research of humanities faculty whose work promotes the public good and involves community partners. Erika received the award based on her past achievements and the very important book project she has underway on Angel Island, for decades the major port of entry for immigrants coming to the U.S. from Asia and the Pacific Rim generally. She receives $40,000 in research support. Congratulatons to Erika!

The Hmong Cultural Center Resource Library is the largest collection of Hmong-related academic research publications in Minnesota and most likely the United States. The most distinctive and specialized portions of the library are the dissertations/theses and peer-reviewed journal article collections. Access that library Web site at: http://www.hmongcenter.org/library1.html

IHRC News, Spring/Summer 2007 issue

The IHRC's 2007 Spring/Summer 6-page newsletter is available for viewing online http://www.ihrc.umn.edu/about/pdf/07sprsumnews.pdf

Refugees from Liberia

Among the refugees arriving in the United States in the last decade and a half, a large group comes from Liberia. Many of them have settled in Minnesota. Learn more about the Liberians from the IHRC collections and even more from a project sponsored recently by the Minneapolis Star Tribune.


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