Friends of IHRC Award History Day Prizes

The 2008 winners of the Friends of the IHRC Immigration History topic awards for History Day are Clara Linehan of Chisago Lakes Middle School; Luke Stone and Heather Stone of Cyber Village Academy; and Abby Norling Ruggles, Collin Knopp Schwyn and Nico Dregni of Seward Montessori School.

Friends of the IHRC awards were given to History Day performances, posters, documentaries, or other presentations that highlighted the history of migration, especially with a focus on US immigration, while addressing the year's theme of "Conflict and Compromise."

"Wave Your Red Kerchief Goodbye: The Conflicts and Compromises of American Communists" by Clara Linehan received the top prize from the Friends of the IHRC for its creativity and wide-ranging use of archival resources, including those at the IHRC. Her solo performance combined song and narrative, with facsimiles of archival materials as props to convey an immigrant's experience to the audience.

Luke Stone and Heather Stone received second prize for their group poster presentation "Welcome to the Big House: The Compromise of German-American Rights During World War II." Their oral presentation accompanying the poster brought attention to questions of citizenship, American identity, and the forced movement of a small number of Germans back to Germany during wartime in the United States.

Third prize was awarded to Abby Norling Ruggles, Collin Knopp Schwyn and Nico Dregni for their multimedia presentation "Let It Be: Urban Renewal on Milwaukee Avenue," studying public policy and community development in an area known for its immigrant history.

Judges Jeannette Pafko, co-president of the Friends of the IHRC, and Haven Hawley, IHRC program director, selected winning presentations to receive $50 awards.