National Archives of Estonia & IHRC Form Partnership

During March 2009, the IHRC welcomes representatives from the National Archives of Estonia (Rahvusarhiiv) to the University of Minnesota as part of an international partnership promoting preservation of and access to Estonian cultural materials.

Gristel Ramler, Head of Private Archives Services of the State Archives, and Archivist Birgit Nurme will be conducting research in the Estonian Archives in the U.S. Collection at the IHRC. They will conduct research and consult with IHRC staff for four weeks to link the exceptional collection of materials to related holdings in Estonia, Sweden, Germany, and other countries.

IHRC Research Archivist Daniel Necas is supervising the project, which will lead to a digital integration of finding aids for selected materials. The project is part of multi-archive effort to reunite virtually cultural materials created by and about Estonians who migrated during the 20th century.

The partnership is supported by the Immigration History Research Center, the government of Estonia, and the Estonian Archives in the U.S., Inc., of Lakewood, N.J. The Estonian Archives in the U.S., Inc., transferred a large portion of its collections to the IHRC in 2003 while continuing to operate within the Estonian American community.

The IHRC holds the largest collection of Estonian diaspora materials in the world and receives continuing financial support for collections and research through an ongoing relationship with the Estonian Archives in the U.S., Inc. Among the types of funding provided is a graduate fellowship for a University of Minnesota student conducting research in the Estonian American collections of the IHRC.