IHRC Awards 16 Grants in Aid to Visiting Scholars

Sixteen scholars have been awarded 2009-2010 grants in aid to support travel to and research in the historical collections of the Immigration History Research Center. Award recipients include doctoral candidates, independent scholars, creative artists, and heritage preservation personnel, with topics ranging from gender violence and refugee policies to Greek identity in the American Midwest.

Each researcher will be in residence for a minimum of five days and give a research-in-progress talk (see IHRC calendar for planned visits and dates).

Awards ranged from $250 to $500, with support provided by the IHRC's ethnic studies funds, director's research funding, and other Center funding. Visiting scholars will travel to the IHRC during 2009-2010.

Researchers proposed work to be conducted in the Center's array of archival and print collections. Applications were judged on the significance of the research topic; ability of the IHRC archival and print collections to support the research; and the scholar's ability to make use of the collections. Approximately half of the IHRC's holdings are in languages other than English.

The Center's collections are an exceptional record of migration experiences from 1880 to the present for a wide range of American immigrant groups.

The next grant-in-aid program deadline will be announced in spring 2010 on the IHRC website (www.ihrc.umn.edu).

Scholars receiving awards for the 2009-2010 year are:

Emelise Aleandri
Artistic Director, Frizzi & Lazzi The Olde Time Italian-American Music & Theatre Company
Trafalgar House, New York

"Italian American Immigrant Theatre of New York City in the 20th Century"

Karl Altau
Director, Joint Baltic American National Committee, Inc., Rockville, MD
"Joint Baltic American National Committee"

Michele De Gregorio
Freelance Journalist, Rassegna Sindacale, Rome, Italy
"From the Shipyards of Trieste to the Streets of New York:The Triestini Dockers and the Italian Roots of Antifascist Movement in the United States"

Jüri Estam
Independent Scholar, Tallinn, Estonia
"History of the Estonian World Council and the Estonian American National Council"

Stacy Fahrenthold
Northeastern University
"Defining Ourselves, Teaching the Youth: The Arab-American Federation Movement and Diaspora Nationality, 1935-1950"

Frank Jankac
University of Manitoba
"Eager Immigrants, Reluctant Host: The Croatian Immigration Experience in Canada 1896-1960"

Aleksandra Loewenau
Centre for Health, Medicine and Society
School of Arts and Humanities, Oxford Brookes University

"Polish Catholic Priests in Dachau Concentration Camp"

David Palter
University of California-Santa Cruz
"A Shared Project: Race and Education in Early-Twentieth-Century San Francisco"

Ellen Pozzi
Rutgers University
"Immigrant Libraries"

William Samonides
Independent Scholar
"Greek Immigrants in the Urban Northeast and Midwest"

Joseph Sciorra
John D. Calandra Italian American Institute of Queens College, CUNY
"Alessando Sisca and Internationally Popular Neapolitan Music Composed in the United States"

Hauke Siemen
University of Hamburg
"The Baltic Émigrés' Political Activities During the Cold War"

Kristel Tammik
National Archives of Estonia
"Estonian American Archives, Digital Archiving, and International Archival Information Systems"

Ann J. Toumi
University of Joensuu, Finland
Artistic Project: Historical novel about a Finnish American woman

Kathryn L. Wegner
University of Illinois-Chicago
"Constructing Citizenship: Education, Immigrants, and Americanization in Chicago, 1910-1940"

Vanessa Weinert
Columbia University/London School of Economics
"Asylum, Social Groups, and Violence: Women Navigating the Courts and Creating Identities in the United States, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom, 1970-1998"