Legal History Workshop

Friday, October 16, 10:10-12:10, Mondale Hall 55.
The Legal History Workshop will be hosting Christopher Capozzola, Associate Professor of History, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who is currently working on transitional justice, postcolonial citizenship, and war crimes trials in Asia following WWII. Capozzola will be presenting a paper from his current research titled "A Tale of Two Treasons: Adjudicating War Crimes and Collaboration in Manila, 1945."

The paper examines the trial of Japanese General Yamashita Tomoyuke-and the unsuccessful Supreme Court appeal in Yamashita v. United States that preceded his August 1945 execution-in the local context of postwar Manila. Based on U.S., Philippine, and Japanese public records, his paper explores the conflicts, both local and geopolitical, that shaped America's approach to transitional justice in postwar Asia. Considering Yamashita's trial together with the indictments of thousands of Philippine collaborators before the Filipino People's Court demonstrates the limits of transitional justice and the endurance of colonial legal practices on the eve of decolonization in Asia. (The paper is available from Kristen Gandrow at )