Hmong Publications from IHRC Affiliates

The Minnesota Historical Society Press will soon release Paul Hillmer's A People's History of the Hmong (2009), and the Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center has just issued volume 10 of the online Hmong Studies Journal.

A People's History of the Hmong traces Hmong culture and history across four millenia, up to the emigration of Hmong to the United States and other countries following the Vietnam War. The book was made possible through a significant oral history project that has been directed by Paul Hillmer and Peter Vang at Concordia University. The ongoing Hmong Oral History Project is a source for the more than 200 interviews first-hand accounts in Hillmer's new book, providing texture and detail to his account of the varieties of Hmong experiences.

The Hmong Studies Journal's newest volume "includes articles from multiple disciplines including Anthropology, Political Science, Library Science and Medicine while providing significant additions to both Hmong American and Hmong in Asia research. It is especially noteworthy that new work is presented in this issue related to ongoing debates in Hmong Studies pertaining to cultural identity in China and as well as the Diaspora," according to Dr. Mark E. Pfeifer, editor of the journal.

The IHRC congratulates Paul Hillmer and Mark Pfeifer on these recent publications, and we thank these two scholars for their ongoing advice and encouragement to the Center regarding their areas of expertise.