Virtual Guestbook: Early March 2010 Visitors

Ariane Chebel d'Appollonia, Sciences-Po, Paris, will visit IHRC on March 4 to give a presentation, and Italian journalist Francesco Durante will begin extended research at the IHRC the same day. Kristel Tammik and Margit Laanemets of the National Archives of Estonia will begin a month-long residency on March 8 as visiting scholars at the IHRC.

Global Race, Ethnicity, Migration at noon on Thursday, March 4, features Ariane Chebel d'Appollonia, who will present "European Perspectives" as a continuation of a Feb 11 roundtable titled "Migration as a Challenge to Nationality & Citizenship: the European Case." Dr. d'Appollonia was unable to visit the IHRC for that event due to weather and travel conditions.

Francesco Durante will be conducting research in the personal papers of Rudolph J. Vecoli, former director of the IHRC, in continuation of Professor Vecoli's research. The Vecoli Papers are currently being processed, with only certain portions available to researchers.

Kristel Tammik and Margit Laanemets will be in residence while they do research in the Estonian American Collections at the IHRC. The National Archives of Estonia is in partnership with the IHRC and the Estonian Archives of the US to process and write historical materials on the large number of Estonian diaspora materials held by the University of Minnesota. The project is in its second year and is funded by the IHRC's Estonian American Ethnic Studies Fund.